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by Rebecca Portela

Interested in the cloud for your business… but not so interested in hosting your data in someone else data center? Oracle hears you. 

Although Oracle is been regularly called out for being “late to the cloud,” the world-class tech company has proven that the key to delivering cloud capability doesn’t lie in being the first on the scene – it lies in being the best at the job. 

And Oracle Cloud has swiftly risen to becoming one of the best on the job for enterprise cloud with their Oracle Cloud at Customer offering (also called Oracle Cloud@Customer). 

What Is Oracle Cloud at Customer? 

Simply put, Oracle Cloud at Customer is a way for compliance-burdened enterprises to enjoy the benefits of the Oracle public cloud, but have it securely housed behind their own corporate firewall

To break that down, this means Cloud at Customer clients can: 

  • Eliminate hardware maintenance 
  • Enjoy “pay as you go” computing & storage capacity 
  • Achieve true mobility with Oracle Cloud Apps 
  • Tap into cutting-edge autonomous infrastructure services
  • Maintain regulatory compliance for cloud data 

Perhaps you’ve heard of AWS Outposts or Google Anthos and you’re not sure about the difference between their cloud-on-premises services vs. Oracle Cloud at Customer?

Here’s the difference:

Oracle Cloud at Customer delivers the full, 100% Oracle public cloud experience to its users – similar services from AWS and Google do not

What Are the Details on Oracle Cloud at Customer?

Oracle’s cutting-edge service reduces the work — significantly — for enterprises that rely on Oracle solutions.

Oracle takes care of:

  • Patching
  • Maintenance
  • Uptime
  • Management 
  • Backup
  • And more…

In essence, Oracle Cloud at Customer isn’t simply a fancy piece of equipment that runs in your data center (although it is actually a pretty fancy piece of equipment) it’s a fully managed cloud computing service

All your company has to do to get Oracle Cloud at Customer is to supply power, air conditioning, a spot on your floor, and a monthly or annual subscription payment.

Everything else is taken care of for you.

2021 Is Your Year to Leap to the Cloud 

If you’ve been holding back on your enterprise cloud transformation due to worries about data sovereignty or control, 2021 is your year to finally more to the cloud.

Whether the straightforward simplicity of Oracle Cloud at Customer is the perfect path for you, or whether you can cut your costs even more with a traditional Oracle Cloud, AWS, or other cloud setup, it’s time for you to set your business on the path to lasting cloud success.

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Photo by Tyler Franta from Unsplash