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Maximize the value of your enterprise data with Oracle EPM powered by AI and Machine Learning.

At Centroid, we understand that your data drives your business. That’s why we’ve developed an advanced suite of service offerings, strategies, and best practices to enable you to maximize the value of your enterprise data. Our team of expert consultants has extensive experience in data integration and is equipped with the expertise, tools, and knowledge to integrate and manage data from a wide range of enterprise systems, including ERP, CRM, and EPM. Leveraging AI and machine learning, we help organizations automate processes and build a strong, reliable data foundation. This allows for easier integration of new technologies, the creation of new revenue streams, and accelerated business growth.

Automate your IT operations with Oracle Cloud EPM & Hyperion Solutions

  • Enterprise Data Management – Achieve seamless mastery of data governance, management, and integration across ERP, CRM, HCM, and EPM systems.
  • Data Integration – Centralize your financial data with cutting-edge integration technology and best-practice process design.
  • Process Automation – Streamline operations, reduce costs, and minimize errors through automated execution of complex, data-intensive tasks.
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Enterprise Data Management

Whether your organization is rapidly growing, acquiring new companies, adding new lines of revenue, restructuring, or managing a hybrid on-premises and cloud technology stack, managing your master data can be a challenge. Enterprise Data Management allows you and your systems to all keep pace with the rapidly changing environment of your business and manage it all in one centralized place. If you are looking for a comprehensive way to manage multi-domain master data, EDM is your answer. 

Centroid approaches Enterprise Data Management as “Phase 0” of any project. We believe that by building the strongest possible data foundation first, your organization will be able to more rapidly and effectively consume new technologies, new streams of revenue, and new acquisitions. We can help you look far into the future to design a data management strategy that will support your organization for years to come. 

Enterprise Data Management EPM Cloud

Drive business growth with a strong Enterprise Data Management foundation

  • Use self-services data management to align all your applications to support change 
  • Capitalize on the synergies of reorganization, restructuring, standardization of chart of accounts, or acquisitions faster through modeling those changes first and applying them across the organization easily 
  • Manage day-to-day changes in data structure across your cloud and on-premises applications in one place 
  • Maintain a single source of truth across all your enterprise data 

Data Integration

Our team is comprised of dedicated consultants deeply rooted in data integration and we’ve maintained this as a core competency among all our technical consultants. This focus has enabled Centroid to become an industry leader in this space. 

Centroid understands how to leverage Oracle’s robust ETL tools and how to integrate them into each organization’s unique data structure. 

How Data Integration enhances efficiency across your enterprise

  • Integrations between Cloud EPM and any source system – ERP, CRM, HCM, EPM, DB, and cloud data sources (with API) 
  • Mappings and transformations 
  • Flat file, query-based, API based export and load 
Data Integration EPM Cloud

Process Automation

From cable news headlines to LinkedIn buzzwords, we hear about the promise of artificial intelligence and process automation every day. With Oracle EPM, you can take advantage of cutting-edge intelligent process automation (IPA) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to drive efficiency in the office of the CFO. 

Process Automation EPM Cloud

Harnessing the power of Process Automation for business excellence

  • Automate more than 80% of your monthly account reconciliation requirements with intelligent rule identification and dynamic matching criteria 
  • As part of monthly data consolidation and close, Oracle EPM automates account mapping, intercompany activity, and currency translation 
  • Leverage predictive analytics and monte carlo simulations when forecasting to gain a clearer picture of your company’s targets and goals 

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