A way to realize the benefits of the Cloud sooner.

Does your organization need to quickly and confidently move workloads to the Public Cloud to meet rapid environment provisioning demands? Centroid created the Lift & Shift service for Oracle Public Cloud to accelerate your transition to the Cloud, leveraging our extensive Oracle experience, leading practices and proven delivery approach.

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Provision and manage elements faster, smarter, and more efficiently

Centroid can help you realize the value of cloud computing faster by moving your on-premise environments to the Cloud. Centroid will review, inventory and provide a road-map of which workloads are best suited to move to the Cloud. We will then provision and configure the required services and migrate the workload to the Oracle Compute Cloud Service instances. Centroid will then provide full knowledge transfer of the migrations, configurations and skills to enable future deployments in Oracle Cloud.

lift and shift

Cloud Migration Phases

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Discovers, inventories, and identifies which workloads are best suited to be moved to SaaS or PaaS or to IaaS.



Quickly “Lifts & Shifts” workloads to the cloud



Allows customers to manage and monitor their workloads throughout the entire stack.

Cloud expertise and

Centroid has been in business for over 25 years and is exclusively focused on Oracle technologies. We have the experts that others turn to for best practices in Oracle applications, technology and hardware implementations. We know how to best migrate and manage your workloads on-premise or in the Cloud. We can maximize your Oracle investment and provide your business with tightly integrated, comprehensive, and superior services.

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