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Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing and distribution

Technology built to move manufacturing and distribution further, faster.

Manufacturing and distribution is an historically important enterprise that’s become increasingly complex. To compete and grow, companies must meet customer needs faster, manage global supply chains efficiently, and plan human and material resources using real-time information.

Your company has the people and information to do this. But are your people, information, manufacturing and logistical resources integrated in an effective way, using the latest technology, so that your business runs efficiently and your customers prefer you?

Powering manufacturing in the cloud with Centroid

Learn how manufacturing and distribution companies innovate faster, improve supply chain resilience, and enhance customer experiences by modernizing their core business processes. Our eBook, “Powering manufacturing in the cloud with Centroid,” explores how implementing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) solutions powered by Centroid can help your business achieve better performance, innovation, built-in security, up to 39% lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and superior price-performance.

manufacturing and distribution


Centroid can help you with this daunting challenge

  • Integrate sales, order management and CRM tools to improve collaboration in your sales channels and deliver a superior customer experience.
  • Help you coordinate suppliers and synchronize real-time information so you can develop lean and agile supply networks.
  • Set up comprehensive analytics and real-time metrics so you can improve resource planning and manufacturing efficiency.
  • Help you manage and grow profitable service businesses, and selectively outsource operations.
  • Implement the latest business planning solutions to help your management make better decisions, achieve financial targets, ensure compliance and increase profitability.


    Leverage your existing
    systems and applications

    Many of our solutions may only require migrating your information and applications to the Cloud and managing them to improve coordination, security, and usability of customer information and operational metrics.

    For example, Centroid knows how to: Integrate your entire technology stack, from hardware to Oracle E-Business Suite applications.

    Get the most out of your legacy systems middleware and service-oriented architecture.

    Migrate and run your enterprise workloads in the cloud. All applications and technology on the latest state of the art infrastructure to give you the business advantage to outpace your competition.

    cloud roadmap  Benefits

    “Their subject area knowledge and, in particular, Oracle Manufacturing Finance has been invaluable for us. [They have] very deep subject matter expertise”

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    Grow Your Business

    Discover the power of technology for manufacturing and distribution.

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