Financial Services

Financial Services

Transform technological change from your greatest liability to your most powerful asset.

For an industry that’s been around for centuries, financial services has changed a lot in just a few years. Driven by the pace of technical trends such as mobile banking and online FinTech, as well as changing expectations of a growing Millennial client base, today’s financial services must act decisively to stay ahead of disruptors.

Centroid understands the three big challenges companies in the financial services sector face. We can help you meet these challenges so your institution can serve customers where, when, and how they want.


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Centroid can help financial services leverage the best new technologies to power growth opportunities

Your agility to compete in the new environment will depend on your ability to connect to apps, innovate new services, even introduce new entities and brands. That, in turn, requires the right foundation. What is the best platform to use for this foundation? Which are the best technologies to focus on first? What can my institution do to leverage these new technologies?

We can explain the most advanced solutions for finance and banking so you can confidently choose the right platform and the best technologies to leverage it.

Increased efficiency with the Cloud

Banking has been a conservative industry, protective of its information assets and slow to realize the potential of the Cloud. All that’s changing. Everything exciting and important in the new business environment seems to require faster access to much more data. The cost savings and increased flexibility of cloud-based solutions are crucial. That requires reimagining and migrating existing legacy systems.

Oracle is a leader in this evolution. Its solutions for finance and banking allow you to re-engineer your operations, streamline and automate business processes, and reduce expense ratios. New innovations in IaaS (infrastructure as a service) can cut down on storage costs and PaaS (platform as a service) can help you do custom development faster and easier.

Our long experience partnering with Oracle and clients in the financial services sector can help you manage this transformation successfully.

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Security and compliance

Data security and regulatory compliance are important in every industry, but nowhere more so than in finance. Migrating your systems to the Cloud can actually improve security and compliance if done right. A small number of Oracle partners are certified to handle everything from consultation to migration to ongoing hosting for their clients.

When you choose one of these highly capable consultants, you’ll have one company overseeing all your security and compliance needs.

Centroid is one of these qualified Oracle partners. For 20 years we have built expertise in developing and managing enterprise-wide Oracle solutions and services. Many of our most satisfied customers are in the financial services sphere.

“With a project of this size, I know we will run into some challenges. I have complete trust in the Centroid team and am confident that, together, we will overcome any challenges we face”

Brian Simmermon CIO Subaru

Harness the power of change

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