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Life Sciences and Healthcare

Life Sciences and Healthcare

Build a Fully-Integrated Foundation for Efficiency and Innovation

Market changes continue to unfold. New global regulations emerge, healthcare dynamics evolve, reimbursement rules continue their upward trek in complexity, and the competitive landscape is becoming more crowded. Continual change can be quite challenging, requiring device manufacturers and distributors to reduce costs, streamline operations and continuously fund research and development.

But amidst all these changes, there are great opportunities, and technology can maximize those opportunities. Through the cost efficiencies offered by next-generation cloud solutions, resources can be reallocated to life sciences and healthcare to produce more innovative products and improve revenue streams.


Life Sciences and Healthcare


Support the demands of research and development with Centroid

To remain global leaders, medical device companies are closely watching processes and margins in order to fund R&D initiatives. The right technology implemented the right way, supports this effort. Centroid, in turn, supports medical device companies and others in the life sciences and healthcare industry through:


  • Cloud and on-premise solution upgrades
  • Enterprise application integration
  • Platform migrations
  • Cloud migrations
  • Cost-effective, secure, and scalable infrastructure
  • Third-party system integration
  • Disaster recovery and data backup solutions

    Customer Success Story

    Canon Medical USA Gets Back On Track with a Next-Generation ERP Solution

    Canon Medical USA needed a standardized system. They needed to replace an overly complicated, antiquated ERP system with an integrated, next-generation ERP system. But that was not all; the company needed more. Canon Medical required specialized functionality to improve customer insight and to provide better-quality planning and forecasting. Read how Centroid not only delivered this next-generation ERP platform but also supports it as a managed services provider (MS). Canon Medical USA now has the operational efficiency to maintain and grow its market leadership position.

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    “We have been working with Centroid for over 10 years. They have that commitment to learning our business, and their technical expertise is really, well, stellar. We continue to use them. They have been a great partner.”

    Hung Huynh | Director of IT, Canon Medical USA


    Embrace a new business model

    Discover the power of cloud solutions for the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry.

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