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Centroid Improves Implementation Timeline by 250% for Canon Medical Systems USA

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  • Centroid Improves Implementation Timeline by 250% for Canon Medical Systems USA

For more than 100 years, the medical imaging equipment from Canon Medical Systems USA has helped deliver top-quality care to patients. However, when Canon decided it was time to upgrade their ERP, they discovered that top-quality care is only available if you choose the right consultant.

Canon’s original implementation consultant promised a go-live in 9 months, but 2.5 years later, Canon was still waiting.


Canon Medical Systems USA


When Canon’s original consultant extended timelines by more than a year, the medical equipment company was forced to find a new consultant to deliver their heavily customized system on time.


Canon Medical was so impressed by Centroid’s technical expertise and business understanding that they’ve kept them on as a critical support specialist for more than 10 years… and counting.

Canon Medical Systems USA has spent more than 100 years selling and servicing medical imaging equipment, including CT, MRI, x-ray vascular systems, and ultrasound. Through their work with hospitals, doctors, radiologists, and other institutions, their equipment has touched millions of lives.

One of Canon’s services is to provide fast assistance for their clients, but when it came time for Canon to replace their legacy ERP, the medical equipment company discovered the hard way that not all consultants can provide timely results.

Centroid called in to provide first aid for Canon Medical’s lagging timeline

After selecting Oracle as their ERP vendor, Canon chose one of the leading implementation consultants at the time. The consultant assured them the upgrade would take only nine months, but two and a half years later, Canon was still waiting for results.

Canon decided to take matters into their own hands by hiring a new implementation consultant, one that could finish the job: Centroid.

By that point, Canon not only needed to implement their new ERP system, they also needed to upgrade to a new version. Centroid dove into the project with gusto, quickly sending their executive team onsite to Canon to ensure that they fully understood Canon’s business and technical needs.

“Centroid showed their commitment to learning our business. They understood why we needed customizations, and their technical expertise was really stellar. It was one of the keys to why we went with them,” said Hung Huynh, Director of IT at Canon Medical Systems USA. “Centroid really understood what was at stake for us.”

Fast, effective customization offers needed relief

To meet Canon’s unique customization requirements, Centroid had to leverage their in-depth knowledge of both business and technology.

“Centroid understood that the solution that was going to work for us wasn’t a vanilla, out-of-the-box solution. Customization was going to be required. Centroid would not only help us with those customizations, but they would help support them going into the future,” said Huynh.

“When Centroid took over from the previous implementation partner, all they had was one week to understand all of the work that had been done for the past two years of development,” said Gagan Mekala, IT Manager for Development Operations at Canon Medical Systems USA. After that week, Centroid had one year to meet Canon’s deadline and complete the project. “Centroid took up the challenge, stood up, and then re-did the entire implementation again. And, they did it within budget, on time,” said Mekala.

 Centroid helps ensure IT health as managed services provider (MSP)

In most cases, an IT engagement is finished when the implementation is complete. However, Canon was so impressed with Centroid’s reliability and expertise that the medical equipment company contracted with Centroid for ongoing support.

“We’ve been working with Centroid for over 10 years,” said Huynh. “On the DBA side, they mostly manage our Oracle databases and our application stack 24/7. We also use Centroid for application management support.”

“Centroid has been helping us for many years now, right through our implementation, through our upgrades, through our big projects,” said Mekala. “I work with the Centroid team pretty much every day; Centroid has some of the best DBAs in the country.”

“We treat Centroid like an extension of our internal team. They know our business very well and they’ve been here for a very long time. I don’t see them as another external organization, I see them as internal to Canon personally.”
Hung Huynh, Director of IT, Canon Medical Systems USA