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by Jim Brull

Over the last year or so, our focus has shifted significantly around Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and have shared insight and various articles that covered everything from OCI basics to OCI benefits, and what types of businesses should use cloud infrastructure. By now, we are finding that companies like yours, do indeed have a pretty good grasp of the extreme power and speed, granular controls, and impressive flexibility that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers enterprises.

And since you understand the benefits of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you’re probably considering migrating to the solution yourself.

The following information will help you even more once you decide to move forward and start the planning for cloud infrastructure success.

Why Start Your Planning for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Now?

Most enterprises typically implement cloud services on a longer timeline than small businesses do, and as we’ve all seen, technology changes very, very quickly in our modern world. Because of this, you may be tempted to put off your cloud planning until closer to your cloud migration. This would be a serious mistake.

Migration can be a leisurely process or a lightning-fast Lift & Shift, but it only happens after you’ve selected and set up the exact right cloud infrastructure for your company’s current and future requirements. The planning process gets you on track identifying and prioritizing your requirements and gives you time to explore the wide range of surprising possibilities cloud infrastructure offers.

Your best bet for planning is to start with a comprehensive cloud roadmap that will help you prepare for each step ahead. Your personalized cloud roadmap should clarify where you are now and where you need to be in the future to meet your business objectives.

Now, let’s start planning your journey.

First, It’s Imperative to Identify Your Needs

Speaking of business objectives, are you meeting yours now – or does your enterprise battle with cumbersome and costly data center maintenance that’s slowing you down and limiting your agility?

New advances in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure technology have made the sky the limit on what you can do with the solution, so it’s wise to start planning around your needs.

Collect data, so you can answer these questions:

  • How much processing power do you currently need and how much do you expect to need in the future?
  • Do you use large amounts of data consistently and need an unlimited usage plan, or would you prefer to save on costs with “pay as you go” pricing?
  • Do you require your own dedicated infrastructure for security or compliance purposes, or do you have the freedom to choose a multitenant solution?
  • Do you need a cloud database housed behind your firewall in your own data center that still supplies all the conveniences, flexibility, and scalability of the cloud?

All these possibilities are available — and more — with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Once you know what solution specs you need, you can start crunching numbers to see if OCI’s pricing fits within your expectations. Many enterprise CIOs are pleasantly surprised by how much flexibility and security they can get for costs comparable to their current setup.

In fact, once you work in the time savings and hassle-free management options that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers, you’ll see that cloud proves itself to be the right solution to support future agility and growth.

Our experienced team can help you navigate through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure pricing, so you can get full insight into what you can expect to pay for your solution.

Next, Start Sorting Through Unlimited Options Even if it Seems Daunting – Move!

Got some general, high-level ideas about what you need, and excited to start pricing those out those options? Now it’s time to start paying attention to the details. In this article, we focused on the easiest part of cloud planning: identifying your current capabilities and future needs – but the steps past that can get confusing.

For instance, did you know that:

  • OCI can offer performance that tops many modern on-premises systems?
  • OCI provides solutions for virtually unlimited data storage, including data lake storage, local NVMe storage, archive storage, and instant PaaS disaster recovery?
  • OCI offers completely customizable networking that can mirror your current setup precisely?
  • OCI provides multiple options for secure cloud data transfer, including dedicated, fully private circuits?

There’s a lot of options and navigating through them all can get exhausting.

Unless you have help…

Get Help Planning Your OCI Transformation Now

For more than 25 years, Centroid has helped enterprises in a wide variety of industries select, implement, and optimize business-building solutions across the full stack of Oracle products – and we’ve been working with the cloud for as long as the cloud has existed.

We completed the largest-ever Oracle IaaS / PaaS implementation to date; we were one of the world’s first Oracle Cloud MSPs; and we invented one of the fastest, turnkey methods available for reliably and securely migrating large enterprises to cloud infrastructure.

And we’d be happy to help guide you through your options.


Contact the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure experts at Centroid to get accurate answers to your most pressing OCI questions, along with service and solutions that perfectly fit your business objectives.

Photo by Marc Wieland from Unsplash