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by Centroid

Centroid is excited to announce that we’ll be attending Kscope24 in Nashville, TN later this month to host several insightful presentations to equip attendees with strategies for optimizing mission-critical financial processes. Attend one of our four learning sessions to discover actionable best practices for accelerating cloud data integration, streamlining financial close and data management, and improving account reconciliation processes. These sessions will be led by our team of EPM experts and are going to be packed with tips, tricks, and valuable guidance that can help you enhance the financial process that are critical for your organization. 

Kscope24 takes place July 14 – 18 in Nashville, Tennessee and is one of the top educational conferences for Oracle technology users, offering more than 250 technical sessions, all-day symposiums, interactive training opportunities, and networking activities with other Oracle experts. Our team of cloud, EPM, database, and analytics experts will also be on hand to meet with you, connect, and offer personalized tips and strategies. 

Keep on reading to get a sneak peek into the engaging and insightful educational sessions that we have lined up for the conference! 

Powering Private Equity: Blue Owl Streamlines Financial Close and Data Management 

Presented by: Katie McCorkle, Senior Director, EPM at Centroid and Saurabh Bhatia, VP – Financial Applications Manager at Blue Owl 

SESS-269 – Wednesday, July 17 – 11:30am – 12:00pm – Hermitage D 

This learning session will reveal how Blue Owl, a leading BDC franchise and direct lending platform with over $91.3 billion of assets under management, leveraged Financial Consolidation and Close (FCCS) and Enterprise Data Management (EDM) to: 

    • Address growth and automation needs – significant growth over the past three years necessitated automation tools for managing monthly close and reporting processes. 
    • Create an industry-specific solution capable of addressing industry-specific use cases, including a highly complex equity ownership structure and extensive intercompany eliminations. 
    • Provide operational improvements that reduced the close timeline and leveraged EDM effectively. 
    • Attain future proof enhancements that supported plans for future phases including additional EDM enhancements and account reconciliations. 

Striking the Right Chord: Learn how Oracle Account Reconciliation can provide harmony in your Financial Close process

Presented by: Katie McCorkle, Senior Director, EPM at Centroid 

SESS-178 – Wednesday, July 17 – 3:50 – 4:50pm – Hermitage D 

In the current financial landscape, organizations increasingly seek a tool that promises heightened visibility, accountability, accuracy, and compliance in the intricate web of their reconciliation processes. Oracle Account Reconciliation offers a robust platform poised to overhaul how organizations engage with reconciliations. This transformative tool not only promises enhanced precision but also serves as a tailored solution, meeting the specific needs of each organization. 

This presentation will explore the importance of utilizing an advanced reconciliation tool for better visibility, accountability, accuracy, and compliance in reconciliation processes. The session is presented in a ‘zero to sixty’ format to provide a comprehensive understanding of Oracle Account Reconciliation in an accelerated format. Here’s some highlights of what you can expect to gain from this learning session: 

    • Key benefits of Oracle Account Reconciliation. 
    • Behind-the-scenes tour of the system to understand the reconciliation process. 
    • Deep dive into configurations – discover how to customize areas to your organization’s unique needs. 
    • Explore the power and benefits of automation capabilities within the tool. 
    • Discover collaboration opportunities and built-in capabilities for communication and workflow. 
    • Pick up integration best practices and learn how to connect to various enterprise systems for relevant data. 

By the end of this session, participants will gain a solid understanding of Oracle Account Reconciliation fundamentals, enabling them to maximize the potential of this innovative reconciliation solution within their organizations. Whether you are new to Account Reconciliation or looking to deepen your expertise, this session promises valuable insights and practical knowledge to elevate your financial reconciliation processes. 

EPM Cloud Data Integration – An Accelerated Course 

Presented by: Chian Lin, Principal Architect at Centroid 

SESS-544 – Wednesday, July 17 – 8:00 – 8:50am – Hermitage E 

EPM Cloud Data Integration provides a powerful toolset for integrating any data into your EPM applications. Now as the legacy Data Management user interface is finally going away forever, it’s the perfect time to learn how to create, modify, and troubleshoot your own integrations.  

Starting with the fundamentals of building a file-based integration to a simple Planning or Freeform target application, we’ll quickly progress through many of the nuances you’ll often see on the way to get you familiar with many of the potential curveballs that you may see in a typical integration build. Just as importantly, we’ll cover how you can dive into your existing integrations to build confidence in your integration processes and to troubleshoot issues that may arise. 

This session is perfect if you’re a complete beginner new to Data Integration or if you’re well-versed in Data Integration but are not familiar with the recent updates and changes to the tool. The goal of this session is to empower attendees with the knowledge to create your own simple file-based integrations and to maintain or change the more advanced integrations that you may have within your application. 

Here’s some of the learning objectives you can expect to pick up from this course: 

    • Defining your integration’s scope 
    • Best practices for source system data extracts 
    • Setting the table – Application setup 
    • The basics – file-based single period load 
    • Multi-period loads – one period column 
    • Multi period load – periods on multiple columns 
    • Multi-column loads (e.g. multi-account) 
    • Basic Expressions 
    • Basic Mappings 
    • Tracking down data issues – in brief 
    • Next steps – going beyond files – direct loads, data synchronization, pod-to-pod, Integration Agent, and more 

Advanced Data Integration Ten or More Tips and Tricks 

Presented by: Chian Lin, Principal Architect at Centroid 

SESS-547 – Tuesday, July 16 – 10:30 – 11:20am – Hermitage A 

This session is geared towards attendees that are already familiar with the basics of Data Integration. The presentation will showcase several tips for improving performance and leveraging newer and more advanced functionalities available within the tool. This session is designed to be packed with actionable best practices that you can easily take back and apply in your own applications. Here’s just a few of the topics we plan to cover in this learning session: 

    • Harnessing SQL mapping with examples such as building CASE statements for performance, deriving data, using SQL to calculate before load, and more 
    • Optimizing SQL queries for Integration Agent 
    • Simple Workflow Mode 
    • Quick Mode 
    • Data Synchronization 
    • Incremental file adapter 
    • Drill through – landing page customization, summary drill 
    • Cloud-to-cloud file loads using REST APIs 
    • Data Maps vs. Data Integration vs. XWRITE 

Accelerate your Oracle knowledge and strategies at Kscope24

Kscope24 offers a comprehensive range of technical and educational opportunities to pick up new skills, enhance your Oracle knowledge and best practices, and connect with Oracle users from around the world. You can view the full schedule of technical sessions and educational presentations here. There’s also a helpful tool to search for sessions by topic, function, or solution. Kscope24’s full complement of educational opportunities includes hands-on labs, deep dives, panels, presentations, and accelerators. For more information and to register, visit the official Kscope24 event webpage here.   

If you’ll be in attendance at the event, we’d love to meet you! In addition to the four educational sessions we have lined up, our team of cloud, EPM, and database experts will also be onsite and will be available to set up 1:1 meetings, complimentary strategy sessions, or just a quick chat to learn more about our team and pick up some helpful EPM best practices. Click the button below to schedule a meeting, and our team will reach out shortly.