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by Rebecca Portela

“Cloud migration” has been the key buzzword on the tips of everyone’s tongues in the business world for years now. However, many businesses have not found it in their best interests, thus far, to have their company go through with the process.

In many cases, that makes sense.

However, as the business world progresses more and more into the future, the reasons not to migrate legacy systems to the cloud have become less and less convincing. Especially now that Centroid Lightning is here.

If you’ve looked into migrating your ERP legacy system to the cloud in the past, you know that migration used to be terribly time-consuming, confusing, cumbersome, and costly. But with Centroid, it no longer has to be that way.

Centroid Lightning is designed specifically to make the cloud migration process easier for your business. Centroid Lightning will take you through this complicated process and have you back to “business as usual” in half the time of its competitors.

Cutting Migration Time in Half with Centroid Lightning

Centroid Lightning is a proprietary tool, only available through Centroid, that makes the migration process more efficient through automation. This high-performance migration tool from Centroid automates configurations, setups, and data loads, allowing your business to migrate to the cloud with the use of minimal resources, time, and effort.

Centroid’s tool takes 50% less time and cost than a typical migration.

The typical cloud migration process takes a total of 24 weeks. With Centroid Lightning, your time can get cut down to a mere 12-week time period.

So, how does this benefit you? Easy: with Centroid Lightning on the task identifying, mapping, and moving workloads at unprecedented speeds, you can simply sit back, relax, and focus on what really matters in your business – running it.

Moving on Up – To the Cloud, That Is

Now, Centroid Lighting has the ability to move legacy ERP systems to the cloud faster than has ever been possible before. When you are looking to move your legacy systems, including:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Intuit QuickBooks
  • Oracle PeopleSoft
  • Infor
  • Oracle JD Edwards
  • Workday

Centroid Lightning has got you covered.

In other words, moving your legacy ERP system to the cloud just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the cloud innovation expertise at Centroid.

Trust Cloud Migration to the Cloud Experts: Centroid

For nearly 20 years, the Oracle partners at Centroid have helped clients across a wide range of industries get the most out of their critical business tech – both on the cloud and on premises. As full-stack Oracle experts, we specialize in everything Oracle, from apps to iron, and as cloud pioneers, we’re one of Oracle’s most decorated Cloud providers as well as the driving force behind the largest Oracle IaaS/PaaS migration in history. We were also one of the first Oracle Cloud MSPs on the planet.

Whether you’re looking for assistance preparing your mission-critical business operations for the cloud, planning for and migrating to the cloud, or managing your cloud setup in a way that optimizes costs and performance, trust the Centroid team to get you the help you need. Centroid is the team you can trust when you’re ready to simplify the cloud.

Contact Centroid to learn more about Centroid Lightning.


Photo by Wesson Wang from Unsplash