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by Jim Brull

Due to the pandemic, Oracle OpenWorld 2020 was reimagined as a series of online events called Oracle Live. At the time of this writing, Oracle is planning on returning to the in-person conference format of OpenWorld in 2021 but we have no additional information about those plans at this time. 

To keep you up to date, this short series from Centroid highlights some of the most exciting news from Oracle Live about Oracle OCI. 

Across the world, 2020 was a difficult year. Through it all, Oracle focused on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to power innovation, agility, and the raw performance that enterprises needed to stay ahead of their competition in 2020. 

But Oracle isn’t stopping there. 

What Will Happen Next with Oracle OCI?

They say good businesses always keep one eye looking toward the future. Oracle, as its name implies, has always held their primary focus looking toward the future – and the future is where Oracle is moving, within Oracle OCI as well as within the industry.

1. In the first half of 2021, Oracle will be releasing their Next Generation High Performance Compute solution. 

This solution will include:

  • Highest Single Threaded Performance, powered by Intel Ice Lake
  • Best Cluster Network available – RDMA with 1.5 microsecond latency supporting clusters greater than 20,000 cores
  • Local NVMe Storage for local data checkpointing (required for MPI workloads)
  • 30% Better Performance per core for Crash Simulations, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) workloads

2. In a similar vein, Oracle OCI will also offer the Next Generation Standard Compute solution. 

This solution will include: 

  • Significantly increased performance at the same price as the existing E3
  • AMD’s Milan processors for modern processing power
  • Bare Metal and Flexible VMs available

3. In addition to both of these offerings, Oracle will be delivering The First ARM Compute offering.

This offering powers cloud innovation by helping companies leverage:

    • First ARM offering in Oracle OCI powered by Ampere Altra Processors
    • Easy development and testing of ARM workloads in the cloud
  • Best price/performance for many workloads
  • Flexible VMs and Bare Metal with up to 160 cores per instance, single threaded performance at 3.3 GHz per core, 1 TB of memory, and 100 GB per second of bandwidth

Drive Your Business Forward in 2021 with the Award-Winning Oracle OCI Partners at Centroid

To empower their clients, Oracle has maintained a philosophical focus with cloud infrastructure: zeroing in on maximum flexibility, the highest performance, and the best price for performance. 

In their continual efforts to work toward these goals and consistently improve, Oracle Cloud solutions have become: 

  • Industry First for bare metal, flexible VMs, and containers
  • Industry First for flexible block storage
  • Industry Leading for cluster networks with 1.5-microsecond latency
  • Highest Performance for GPUs for machine learning
  • Best Price/Performance for compute, storage, and network

The rigors of the enterprise landscape in 2021 will require your business to ensure high performance and reliable cloud power – and the shifting expectations and requirements of our modern world will require your business to maximize your capabilities by working with one of the top Oracle OCI partners: Centroid

With these exciting upcoming offerings for Oracle OCI in 2021, and the right Oracle partner to implement and support your mission-critical Oracle solutions, your business will have the solutions, services, and support it needs to succeed in the new year and beyond. 

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