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by Centroid

Oracle’s MySQL HeatWave Migration Program 

Centroid is a proud Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP), and our partnership with Oracle allows us to simplify the cloud for our customers with the cost savings, scalability, and improved performance that Oracle OCI (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) offers. 

Recently Oracle announced its MySQL HeatWave Migration Program, which helps organizations confidently migrate to MySQL HeatWave using Oracle’s proven and tested approach. This program offers free step-by-step guides outlining best practices and technical training resources, as well as expert guidance from Oracle engineers and partners.  

Centroid was represented as a customer success story to demonstrate how migrating to MySQL HeatWave on OCI and AWS simplifies and scales data. The following blog will explain how Centroid and our customers have benefited from this transition. 

The Need for An Alternative Data Platform  

Our team was building an analytics application that would provide real-time reporting for customers in the automotive, banking, and distribution verticals. We began with MariaDB on AWS RDS to build the analytics application and Tableau for data visualization. However, our staff encountered an overwhelming number of patches when using the open-source MariaDB. Furthermore, we found that MariaDB did not scale for large customers with terabytes of data.  

We wanted to remain on AWS but decided to search for an alternative data platform.  

Why We Chose MySQL HeatWave on AWS 

We chose MySQL HeatWave on AWS because it is a fully managed database service that combines transactional processing with an in-memory query accelerator for a high-performance analysis engine without extract, transform, and load (ETL) duplication. The ability to scale more data with real-time analytics helped speed up application development with less administration, allowing us to bring more value to our customers.  

How MySQL HeatWave on AWS Brings Value to Our Customers 

Without changing any code, we switched to MySQL HeatWave on AWS which doubled our data processing performance and increased our analytical queries 15X to 20X compared to MariaDB on AWS RDS.  

With improved scalability and performance, Centroid can now provide real-time reporting and analytics applications to customers across all industries regardless of data volumes.  

“MySQL HeatWave on AWS improved query performance by 15X to 20X with no changes to our application compared to using MariaDB on AWS RDS. The performance gains gave our business confidence to expand and bring more offerings to the market. It was a silver bullet in this case.”  

Ajay Arora, Chief Technology Officer, Centroid  

Our goal was to build an analytics application that provided real-time reporting for several of our customers in the automotive, banking, and distribution verticals. After the transition to MySQL HeatWave, our customers no longer have to go into multiple data platforms and analytical tools to instantly view data visualizations. They now get a holistic view of their business in a single dashboard on any device.

Watch How Centroid Simplifies and Scales Data With MySQL HeatWave on AWS:  


Realize Business Growth & Efficiency with Centroid’s Expertise    

As an Oracle cloud leader serving more than 200 customers, Centroid can deploy any tech product for any customer in any industry to realize business growth and efficiency. With the addition of MySQL HeatWave on AWS, we consolidated data processing analytics leading to less maintenance and faster performance, which allows us to bring more value to our customers. 

Centroid has more than 25 years of experience helping enterprises of all industries and data volumes, select, implement, and optimize business-building solutions across the full-stack of Oracle products.