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One Size Fits None: How to Choose the Managed Services Support Tier Best Suited for Your Organization

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  • One Size Fits None: How to Choose the Managed Services Support Tier Best Suited for Your Organization

by Centroid

When it comes to managed services, one size does not fit all. Every organization has a unique set of system requirements, compliance parameters, and business objectives. When partnering with a managed services provider, it’s important to choose a firm that offers customized services that can be tailored to meet your unique goals and needs. 

At Centroid, we have over 25 years of experience helping organizations of all sizes and industries accelerate digital transformation, drive innovation, and optimize their IT environment—no matter how complex it may be. Over our years of experience, we have developed capabilities and services defined by customers’ most pressing needs. 

Whether you are looking for support in managing your essential day-to-day IT needs, elevating your mission-critical business processes, or accessing elite expert strategies and technologies, Centroid has you covered. Our Managed Services Offering presents a tiered approach to IT support and management that’s designed to meet you where you are and grow with you as your business scales and evolves. 

Discover the right level of expert support, strategic guidance, and technological capabilities that will best position your organization for greater success. Read on to explore our strategic managed services offerings and find out which one is the best fit for your organization. Then enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your IT operations are in expert hands. 


Tier #1: Essentials

Centroid provides essential support for keeping your core business running, managing your IT environment, and enhancing your journey to the cloud.

Are you looking for IT support, but on a minimal scale? Are you looking for more of a lights-on monitoring service that provides all the essentials to keep your system up and running properly? If so, our Essentials offering may be the best fit for you. We provide the foundational support and guidance to stabilize your IT operations, helping you attain greater peace of mind that your systems are running smoothly. This is also a great option if you are just in the early stages of your cloud migration journey and are looking for extra support and expert guidance as you get started.  

Our Essentials support tier helps secure your operational backbone and ensures your critical operations run smoothly with proactive monitoring, basic security measures, and essential maintenance. This offering is designed to serve as your foundational IT support with predefined services that monitor and safeguard your database, ensuring your technology infrastructure remains robust and available. We deliver the essential technical support you need to keep your lights on and ensure your IT operations are running smoothly, allowing you to direct your full attention to innovating and scaling your business.  

Essentials Managed Services Highlights

    • Provides essential IT services to keep the lights on in your environment. 
    • Well-suited for organizations that are in the beginning stages of their cloud journey. 
    • A great fit for SMB and mid-market organizations. 
    • Project management is Centroid led. 
    • Offering includes cloud foundations administration, proactive management, predictive monitoring, business continuity, and support team resources. 


Tier #2: Elevate

Centroid experts help elevate your business with flexible, on-demand support to help drive your business forward while freeing up budget.

Do you need expert resources in a specific area of the business such as DBA, Apps Development, DevOps, or Infrastructure? Are you looking for experienced support without the overhead costs and long-term commitment of a full-time hire? We’ve designed a service tier that is geared towards teams that need enablement or an extra set of hands to drive an initiative forward, or focus on solving a specific paint point, at a fraction of the cost of building out your team internally. 

This tier is tailored for organizations ready to advance their capabilities with expert resources, strengthened security protocols, and optimized IT processes. Elevate extends beyond IT maintenance to offer companies strategic insights and proactive improvements that truly move the needle for your business. 

Our Elevate tier offers on-demand expert resources, providing you with the flexibility to enhance your team with specialized skills and experienced team members precisely when you need them. With this tier, you can select from an à la carte menu of services tailored to your unique requirements. Experience the agility of an adaptive support model—expertise without the long-term commitment. Our Elevate offering helps ensure you have the right skills at the right time. 

Elevate Managed Services Highlights

    • This tier is designed to provide expert resources and strategies at a fractional cost. 
    • This offering is highly customizable and is a great fit for organization of any size—from SMBs to enterprises. 
    • Project management for this tier is customer led. 
    • This offering can easily be stacked onto any of our other services. 
    • Services include expert managed services across DevOps, Infrastructure, Database, and Application Support. 


Tier #3: Elite

Centroid provides elite white glove service to manage as much of your IT environment as needed—enabling you to focus on growing your business​.

Are you seeking comprehensive support across multiple levels of your technology stack? Look no further. Our Elite support tier provides white glove service across all facets of your IT environment. Centroid will take care of the heavy lifting of managing, maintaining, and optimizing your technology environment so you can focus 100% on your business.  

Elite is designed for organizations seeking expert services to support multiple levels of the enterprise technology stack—from IT infrastructure to enterprise application management. Our Elite tier enables organizations to focus on what they do best while we take care of the nuts and bolts of your IT landscape. 

This offering redefines managed services, providing full-scale, white glove IT management that covers all facets of your technology needs. With Elite, you can kick back and focus on your strategic goals while we proactively manage and innovate your IT landscape. From personalized IT services to strategic advisory, our Elite offering is designed to provide you with a partner in innovation, ensuring your business not only meets industry standards but also sets them. 

Elite Managed Services Highlights

    • Centroid takes the helm of your IT operations, taking care of the heavy lifting of managing, maintaining, and optimizing your IT environment. 
    • This tier is highly customizable – Centroid will take on as much of your IT and operational requirements as you need. 
    • The Elite offering is particularly well-suited for Enterprise-level organizations that are looking for full-service IT support across multiple levels of the enterprise tech stack. 
    • Project management for this engagement is Centroid led. 
    • Focus areas for our Elite offering include infrastructure support, database management, support services, application and development services, and cloud services. 


Delivering personalized, best-in-class managed services and support at every level 

When it comes to managed services, choosing a partner that has a track record of success is vital. At Centroid, we have decades of experience helping organizations unlock their business potential by optimizing their IT landscape, streamlining cloud migrations, and accelerating digital transformation across every facet of their organization. Our expertise spans infrastructure, applications, and technology, enabling you to focus on driving business growth, enhancing innovation, and improving outcomes for your customers. 

Managed Services

Discover for yourself how a customized managed services approach can help your organization realize greater business value, drive innovation, and enable you to focus on what you do best. Simply answer a few questions below and we’ll match you with the Managed Services Support Tier that’s best suited for your organizational needs and that can help you realize your business potential.