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Companies Are Saving Millions by Moving Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

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  • Companies Are Saving Millions by Moving Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

by Centroid

For many organizations, Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is a vital part of their enterprise technology stack and operational workflows. Oracle EBS offers a range of products to support key business functions—from human resources to supply chain management. The solution delivers capabilities to help drive mission-critical processes across order management, procurement, logistics, asset management, financials, human capital management, and manufacturing. Oracle EBS is helping companies manage the intricacies of operating in a global environment and accelerating business growth. 

It’s possible to save $1 million or more per year on infrastructure expenses

As organizations scale and grow, many have found significant cost savings and operational benefits in moving their EBS applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Chances are, if you are keeping your entire EBS environment in data centers or even in other public clouds, you could be overpaying. There are a number of organizations that have lowered TCO, improved system performance, and attained substantial cost-saving benefits after moving their EBS environment to the cloud. 

For example, we helped Cytiva, a leading global biopharma organization dedicated to advancing the development of therapeutics, save $1 million per year in infrastructure costs after moving their on-premises EBS environment to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The company also saw performance improvements of 60% after moving their EBS environment to the cloud. Operations that used to take months to complete while in an on-premises environment now only take hours. It’s been instrumental in helping drive Cytiva’s growth and expansion initiatives. 

Enhance the impact your Oracle E-Business Suite applications can have for your organization with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Cost savings and performance improvements are only some of the benefits of moving EBS to the cloud. Here are a few of the many operational and business continuity benefits that you can attain from moving your EBS environment to OCI: 

    • Easily deploy new development and test environments 
    • Seamlessly explore new modules and functionalities 
    • Enhance backup and disaster recovery capabilities 
    • Leverage built-in storage and security tools 
    • Take advantage of industry-leading price performance 
    • Optimize business-critical production workloads 
    • Enhance business continuity by leveraging multiple availability domains and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) for high availability 

We’ve helped companies save $6 million in cloud migration costs

For companies that are in a growth stage, being able to rapidly deploy new environments, leverage the agility and flexibility of the cloud, and easily spin up new services as needed is critical. In the case of Cytiva, the organization was able to spin up new environments in mere hours once they moved to the cloud. In addition, migrating to the cloud helped Cytiva increase operational agility, drive new business opportunities, and support plans to scale with an aggressive expansion and acquisition strategy. And by partnering with Centroid, Cytiva was able to experience all these cloud benefits in just a matter of months. 

Centroid was instrumental in spearheading Cytiva’s cloud migration and enabled the biopharma leader to migrate their EBS environment to the cloud in less than 10 months. An impressive feat considering the scale of their business—the company’s global operations span 40 countries—and considering the size of their EBS environment, which consisted of 10 terabytes of data across 15 manufacturing facilities around the globe. 

Not only did Centroid help Cytiva migrate to the cloud in mere months, but Centroid also enabled Cytiva to save $6 million in cloud migration costs thanks to a streamlined and accelerated cloud migration path. These cost savings were in addition to the $1 million the company now saves per year in hardware and real estate costs by hosting their EBS environment in the cloud instead of data centers. 

You can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud even if you migrate just part of your on-prem EBS environment

The cost-saving benefits of moving to the cloud are substantial. However, for some organizations, moving every single facet of their EBS ecosystem to the cloud may not be feasible or practical. And that’s okay. There are incremental benefits of moving even just part of your EBS environment to the cloud. It’s possible to still experience the benefits of the cloud—from reducing TCO to enhancing business continuity—while only moving some applications, workloads, or databases to the cloud. 

We’re offering a way to discover how much you could save by migrating to the cloud

See for yourself. To help organizations discover the impact the cloud could have on their business, we’re offering a complimentary cloud assessment where we’ll evaluate your unique EBS environment and system requirements, along with your business needs and goals, and create a customized cloud migration path tailored to your business objectives. We’ll also identify cost savings opportunities and reveal best practices around optimizing your infrastructure and attaining the most value from your EBS applications.  

For more than 25 years, we’ve helped organizations optimize, manage, and attain the most business value from their Oracle applications. We’ve enabled industry-leading organizations to migrate their Oracle EBS environment to the cloud and experience game-changing business benefits as a result.  

Discover more and see for yourself the possibilities that moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure could open up for your organization. Simply fill out the brief form below and we’ll reach out shortly to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation cloud assessment. We’ll develop a personalized evaluation, deliver a roadmap tailored to your unique business needs, and reveal how your organization can leverage the cost savings, operational, and performance benefits of the cloud.