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by Jim Brull

Raise your hand if your enterprise experienced a high-cost increase for cloud services in 2021. 

Okay, you can put your hand down now. That was a trick question. Every large company experienced skyrocketing cloud costs in 2021 as customers and employees were suddenly forced to conduct all business online. 

Fortunately, 2022 is the year you’ll get to recoup those costs using cloud cost optimization tools for your Oracle Cloud and other cloud platforms. 

Here is an introduction to the types of cloud cost optimization tools you should start asking your cloud services provider (CSP) about. 

IaaS Cloud Cost Optimization Tools 

If there’s one thing we all learned from 2020, it’s that no one can afford to have their mission-critical cloud systems fail, even for a short time. IaaS / Oracle OCI management solutions can keep down your costs and increase your performance

IaaS and OCI cloud cost optimization tools can be trusted to help you: 

  • Ensure seamless continuity
  • Balance capacity
  • Reduce infrastructure management labor costs
  • Speed up launches in any geo with fewer errors
  • Predictively monitor performance requirements & costs

Reserved Instance Cost Optimization 

Reserved Instances (RIs) can help your company save big on overall cloud costs, but they require active management to ensure the maximum ROI. Much like an actively managed stock portfolio, RIs take careful attention to timing. You deserve a break. 

Reserved Instance cost optimization tools help your company:

  • Automate intelligent RI buying and selling activities
  • Increase average savings for Reserved Instances
  • Free up DevOps & Finance to focus on their real jobs
  • Monitor & tune your RI portfolio in real-time

Container Management Cloud Cost Optimization

Containers can simplify workload management, but they take quite a bit of management themselves. The smartest idea when it comes to containers is to use them as you need to – and leave the management to someone else

Container cost and usage management tools help your busy enterprise:

  • Reduce your infrastructure management tasks
  • Run different instance types in a single cluster with ease
  • Eliminate underutilized instances
  • Right-size container resource requirements automatically


Cloud Spend Full Cost Optimization 

Experiencing an unexpected surge in cloud spending? Modern cloud spend analysis and cloud cost optimization solutions will alert you when cost anomalies arise and will also help you determine the right actions to take to reduce cloud spend now and in the future

Cloud spend full cost optimization tools assist your organization to:

  • Handle all cloud spend areas intelligently (web services, container workloads, stateful applications, big data, etc.)
  • Understand cloud spend at a glance
  • Eliminate unused resources
  • Calculate efficiency scores

Make Cloud Cost Optimization Easy and Stress-Free 

Modern cloud cost optimization tools help your enterprise keep a close watch on cloud costs, so you aren’t surprised by charges. However, to get the most out of your cloud spend management, you’ll want to work with a cloud expert to ensure you have the right cloud monitoring setup.

It stands to reason that, if you’re trying to optimize your Oracle Cloud costs, the obvious choice is to work with a leading Oracle Cloud expert with years of experience handling cloud cost optimization for clients across a wide range of industries.

Contact the Oracle Cloud experts at Centroid to learn how you can keep your Oracle Cloud costs down in 2022 and beyond.

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