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by Rebecca Portela

Looking to move to the cloud? Not sure where to start? A lot of cloud migration projects get “lost in the clouds” as the selection and implementation processes drag on.

Fortunately, an Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider (Oracle Cloud MSP / Oracle Cloud CSP) can help you stay on track and ensure that you are moving forward with the right cloud tools and services for your enterprise’s precise needs. 

But there’s still a problem. 

The Problem with Cloud Migrations Initiated in 2021

If you are an I&O leader in charge of migrating to the cloud to handle the surge in remote work from 2021, you are probably under a lot of pressure to get your cloud solution set up in record time. This is because what used to be a “nice to have” cloud solution suddenly became a “must have right now” solution when the lockdowns began and life moved online. 

Since then, it is likely that you have been receiving constant emails and reminders and status update requests regarding your cloud project’s progress. Status updates would be fine, except for that the cloud selection and implementation process is slow – and even slower if yours is a complex, global enterprise. 

It’s understandable if you want to speed up the cloud migration process a bit, so your superiors can see results… but cloud is a big choice with a big impact. Moving too swiftly could very well become a big disaster.

Our seasoned advice? Skip the shortcuts. With the right Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider / Cloud Service Provider, you can clearly demonstrate progress on your cloud project without having to dangerously speed up the process.

Why Choosing a Cloud Solution Based on “Implementation Speed” Is a Bad Idea

Sadly, many Cloud Service Providers these days are taking unfair advantage of their clients. 

Since everyone is in a rush to get to the cloud right now, charlatans are “advising” their clients to implement one-size-fits-all cloud solutions that offer a fast implementation speed – even if those solutions do not fit the client’s long-term strategy and objectives. 

We’re calling this practice out for what it is: a CRIME. Every business is unique, with different objectives, strategies, requirements, and focus areas. Any good Cloud Service Provider knows this, and the CSPs that are shoving business leaders into cloud solutions just because they have a fast implementation time are consciously defrauding their clients

Don’t work with a con artist intent on making a quick buck off of a quick implementation. Instead, carefully select a cloud guide who can help you find the correct cloud solution for your needs now and in the years to come. 

How an Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider / Cloud Service Provider Helps You Take Control of Your Cloud Project

But who are the cloud guides to trust? That depends on your business needs and your project requirements, of course, but if you run Oracle solutions on premises it would be smart to start by speaking with an Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider / Cloud Service Provider. 

A leading Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider in your region can help you reduce the pressure of a slower implementation time, so you can ensure you have the time to properly implement the proper cloud solutions for your business needs. 

One of the ways that Oracle MSPs / CSPs do this is by providing additional assistance to I&O leaders in crafting key milestone deliverables that align cloud offerings to business objectives. 

These deliverables can include:  

  • The cloud business case
  • The cloud strategy document 
  • KPIs that demonstrate progress on cloud goals
  • KPIs that demonstrate progress on business goals during cloud implementation
  • The cloud roadmap 
  • Clear plans for filling skills and staffing gaps once cloud solution is in place
  • Cloud cost-optimization sessions, analyses, and services
  • Security and governance strategy sessions, training, and management plans

These deliverables help place what can be a months-long cloud migration process in context and also help I&O leaders reduce pressure by demonstrating clear progress toward cloud and business goals

It Does Make Sense to Speed Up the Process – With the Right Plan, the Right Tools, and the Right Oracle Cloud Services Consultant

Of course, if it makes sense to speed up your cloud migration process, there is nothing wrong with leveraging existing “lift and shift” tools to make your migration faster, easier, and more predictable. 

One of the fastest migration tools in the world is Centroid Lightning, which can cut migration time in half because it uses a proprietary process to seamlessly migrate multiple workloads simultaneously. 

But, again, perhaps blazing-fast migration speed is not the right choice for your enterprise. The best way to find out about your best migration path is to consult with a leading Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider / Cloud Service Provider and Oracle Cloud migration expert like Centroid

With our 155+ professional cloud certifications, a well-earned reputation as the cloud pioneer behind the largest Oracle IaaS / PaaS implementation in the world, and years of cloud awards from Oracle, you know that Centroid is the Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider to trust when you are ready to move forward with your cloud project. 


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