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Episode 4

Cloud Chronicles: BODi’s Innovation Unveiled with a 30% Performance Leap

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Embark on a transformative journey with BODi (formerly Beachbody) as Jim Brull, Centroid Managing Partner and SVP of Sales/Marketing, and Jonathan Levien, BODi’s VP of Enterprise Solutions & Services, delve into BODi’s transition from a traditional EBS shop to embracing a cloud-first strategy. This episode unveils the challenges, decision-making process, and the pivotal role played by Centroid in shaping the project’s success. From achieving an unprecedented 30% increase in performance to ensuring cost-effective utilization, OCI surpassed BODi’s performance estimates, setting the stage for their success amid rebranding and rapid growth.

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Jim Brull, Managing Partner and SVP of Sales/Marketing, Centroid | LinkedIn

Jonathan Levien, VP of Enterprise Solutions & Services, BODi | LinkedIn

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