BODi, Transforming Lives Inside and Out – Accelerating Rapid Business Growth with the Cloud

BODi (formerly Beachbody) is a fitness and nutrition company based in Santa Monica, California. They create and sell home exercise programs like P90X and Insanity, along with a line of protein shakes called Shakeology. The company is made up of an affiliation of independent coaches who sell the programs, provide instruction, and offer supplements to a network of more than 23 million members.  

During a learning session at Oracle CloudWorld 2023, Jonathan Levien, the VP of Enterprise Solutions and Services at BODi, shared how the company’s partnership with Centroid and the adoption of cloud-first strategies helped to improve performance, optimize cost-effectiveness, and drive innovation. Click here to watch the full interview and learn more about BODi’s journey.

Navigating BODi’s Rapid Growth

BODi underwent a significant rebranding with intense and rapid growth, which led to a substantial expansion of its retail offerings and the growth of its network to 450,000 coaches serving 23 million members. While that level of development is usually a positive element, it also presents challenges for internal processes, data center resource utilization, and scalability.

To address these challenges, they needed the ability to align its enterprise solutions and data center requirements with the volume and customer demands without increasing operational costs. To accomplish this, Oracle EBS and other Enterprise Applications needed to be moved out of on-premises and onto a flexible platform while improving reliability, performance, DR posture, and agility of enterprise applications at a lower TCO than the current on-premises data center model.


Our Guiding Principles

To achieve the OCI Migration objectives, BODi, Centroid, and Oracle embarked on a 12-month, multi-phased project to migrate Enterprise Systems (Oracle and non-Oracle) to OCI. The project was guided by four key principles:

    1. Utilize our Lift and Shift (as-is) strategy whenever possible.
    2. Ensure effective financial budget management of consulting and OCI consumption.
    3. Strive for workload performance equity or improvement when compared to the on-premises baseline.
    4. Attain operational efficiencies through the utilization of OCI and ExaCS capabilities, coupled with training from Centroid and Oracle.

All databases were deployed on the ExaCS platform, resulting in significant performance improvements across all environments when compared to the on-premises setup. Over 160 compute instances were deployed, and security considerations were at the forefront of all design and implementation discussions.


BODi (formerly Beachbody)


As a result of a recent rebranding, BODi experienced rapid growth that presented challenges for internal processes, data center resource utilization, and scalability. 


BODi, Centroid, and Oracle collaborated to migrate BODi’s Oracle EBS and other Enterprise Applications to OCI to align its enterprise solutions and data center requirements to growing customer demands without increasing operational costs.


The project achieved multiple successful “Go-Live” events, implemented on time and within budget, with minimal to no disruptions. BODi’s adoption of a “Cloud First” strategy resulted in improved security, cost savings, and operational efficiencies.

Stronger Together, A Partnership Made for Cloud Success 

With Centroid’s expertise and guidance, the overall implementation achieved multiple highly successful “Go-Live” events, with the overall project being on time, within budget, and with minimal to no disruptions. The flexibility offered by the OCI platform allowed the client to adjust the scale of environments based on customer, development team, or testing team requirements, resulting in significant cost savings. Additionally, the implementation improved security posture and resulted in day-to-day operational efficiencies. The above has enabled BODi to continue decommissioning its on-premises data centers and maintain its “Cloud First” IT strategy.

The evolving partnership between BODi and Centroid demonstrates the achievements possible through collaboration and highlights the comprehensive capabilities of Oracle’s all-in-one technology solutions that ultimately accelerated growth for our customer.