Overview of Google (GCP) Cloud Services

Looking to run your Oracle workloads on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? You can! What’s more, it turns out you can get a lot out of the deal if you choose to run Oracle on Google Cloud Platform.

In this article, we will discuss some of the top benefits of running Oracle on Google Cloud, and we will also familiarize you with some of the leading Google Cloud services options and benefits.

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Why Choose Google Cloud Platform for Your Oracle Workloads? Here Are 7 Great Reasons.

Since you are considering Google Cloud for your Oracle workloads, you probably already know about Google’s legendary capabilities in analytics. But there is a lot more to the Cloud giant that makes them a great deal.

1. Pricing

Whereas AWS charges by the hour, Google Cloud charges in 1-second increments for Compute Engine instances, with a one-minute minimum. Obviously, this can save quite a bit of money for your enterprise, but Google further sweetens the deal with a wide range of discounts that are available based on your usage patterns and needs.

2. Scalability

Enterprises can leverage the power of the high-performing software-defined networks and edge cachingthat Google uses to deliver fast, reliable services to their own users across the globe. That’s right, your company can run at “Google-speed.”

3. Security

Though Oracle’s Larry Ellison frequently knocks down AWS’s security in comparison to Oracle’s, he doesn’t often talk about Google’s security. This is because Google is in another class when it comes to security. Simply put, Google Cloud Platform runs on a layered, highly sophisticated security system that is nearly impossible to crack.

4. IT Freedom

Due to Google’s unique managed setup for Google Cloud hosting on co-located OEM servers certified to run Oracle workloads, savvy enterprise leaders can cut out both the costs of datacenter management and IT staffing when using Google Cloud Platform with a certified Google Cloud Partner.

5. Innovation

Everyone from the ages of 5-95 knows the name of Google because Google is the undisputed king of online innovation. That, plus their significant holdings due to ad revenues, means Google has both the cash and the power to achieve more in the cloud, in a way that no other company on the globe can. Enterprises using Google can use that innovation to get ahead of their competitors.

6. Analytics

Google delivers almost supernatural abilities when it comes to big data analytics. In a way, the name “Google” can be synonymous with “big data” because they have and process so much of it. From batch / real-time data processing and advanced machine learning to data prep and impressive visual analytics, Google’s big data analytics capabilities are powerful, easy to use, and easy to understand. This makes them the perfect fit for enterprises wanting to improve their analytics game while running Oracle workloads.

What Is the Number 1 Reason to Choose Google Cloud Platform? Services.

AWS focuses on their compute and storage capabilities. Azure is unmatched for OS. Oracle Cloud delivers the world-class, seamless performance and integration with your Oracle products. But Google? They deliver services.

Think about it. Most of what we know Google for is their services: Google Maps, Gmail, Google Drive, and more – and, as you would expect, Google has taken the strategy behind their consumer-focused services to an exponential extreme to supercharge their enterprise services.

One such example of their innovative enterprise services lies in their Anthos solution, which ties together the multicloud in exciting and unique ways, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Get the Most Out of Your Oracle Workloads on Google Cloud Platform with Centroid

As you can see, there is a lot to be gained from running your Oracle workloads on Google… but to get the most from your multicloud setup, you will want to make sure you work with a full-stack Oracle expert that is also certified in Oracle Cloud and Google Cloud. If you intend to take advantage of Google’s Anthos multicloud integration solution, you will also want to make sure your Oracle + GCP partner is certified in AWS and Azure as well.

Fortunately, you have already found the award-winning Oracle partner you are looking for: Centroid is certified in the full Oracle tech stack, Oracle Cloud, AWS, Azure, and, of course, Google Cloud Platform.

When you are ready to learn how you can boost your enterprise performance by combining the power of Google and Oracle, contact the Centroid team for fast help.



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