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Subaru Success Story

success story

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As the inventor of the world’s first sport utility wagon, Subaru knows how to drive a profit with cutting-edge innovation. That’s why Subaru decided to place their global, mission-critical operations in the cloud, so they could power their Starlink system with ease and flexibility.

No other company has made a bold move like this before… which means that Subaru, once again, is becoming a trendsetter.

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“While we were doing the project, we kept thinking, ‘Wow. There’s no one else in the market who’s doing what we’re doing right now, or even what Subaru is doing right now,’” said Paresh Patel, Managing Partner at Centroid. “Placing mission-critical operations in the cloud is very leading edge and we’re honored to be the only Oracle consultant in the world who has ever done a cloud implementation of this magnitude.”

Find out about the entire process (it’s quite a story!) with the Subaru success story from Centroid.