Oracle Exadata
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oracle exadata health check

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Exadata users often see performance gains of up to 3x on Exadata “out of the box.” Exadata contains many features and functionalities that if configured and used optimally, can deliver customer performance improvement of up to 10x or more. Centroid can help to make sure you are maximizing the value of your Exadata investment. We can provide consulting services for a health assessment of the Exadata platform and the database architecture being hosted. Industry best practices and our deep expertise will be used to evaluate the state of the architecture, platform, and databases helping provide optimized performance, maximum availability, and reduced risk.

centroid’s exadata

Health Check Includes:

Conduct staff interviews to understand current state, requirements, challenges, and future goals

Analyze Exadata and associated environments including:
• Exadata hardware,
• Exadata software,
• Database performance and configuration,
• Application performance,
• Capacity evaluation

Additional customer specific focus areas

Deliverable document including architecture, configuration, and performance recommendations

Upon completion of the health check, Centroid will provide detailed documentation with findings, methodology, and recommendations to help you maximize your Exadata investment.

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