Centroid offers strategic enterprise assessments for your organization’s applications, technology and infrastructure.

In an enterprise assessment, the Centroid team talks with your key decision makers to determine major pain points, internal politics, the budget environment, and your overall progress migrating applications, technology, and infrastructure to the Cloud. The assessment is collaborative and the outcome should be consensus on an enterprise-wide roadmap of projects and upgrades. It provides an excellent foundation for a long-term partnership and the successful transformation of your organization.

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Our approach

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When strategic goals are aligned with operational tactics, companies typically achieve higher profit margins, attain competitive superiority, increase market share and maximize efficiency. We believe your ERP system should align across the organization, employing current best practices to streamline operations and provide relevant, real-time information so managers can focus on business growth.

Our assessments analyze business processes and systems across the enterprise. Our objective is to provide executives with a high-level diagnosis of how well your systems are supporting your business.


The goals/key benefits are to:

  • Analyze business processes to identify areas for improvementIdentify gaps between strategic direction and organizational execution
  • Identify process bottlenecks that impede growth
  • Examine system effectiveness and how well it’s meeting business needs
  • Identify areas where automation would provide the greatest return on investment
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Our enterprise assessments are comprehensive. They include Oracle applications, technology, hardware and the Cloud. We provide guidance and Oracle expertise at all levels of the organization. We can also evaluate your current licensing and reseller agreements and conduct complete system health checks.

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