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Centroid Delivers on a Global Scale for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

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  • Centroid Delivers on a Global Scale for Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions

Toshiba Tec is the parent company of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, the trusted supplier of retail software, hardware, and digital signage needs in more than 40 countries. Toshiba Tec consisted of three subsidiaries around the globe, all working on different systems, which increased maintenance time and slowed global operations.

When Toshiba decided to consolidate all three subsidiaries under a single Oracle EBS system, they knew that a single mistake in the implementation could have severe consequences for their 24/7 global operations. That’s why they chose Centroid as the best experts for the highly complex job.

Then everything changed…

Toshiba needed an upgrade

We all know the name Toshiba. You may know them as a laptop company or the brand behind your DVD player, but the world’s largest retailers know Toshiba’s subsidiary Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS) as the trusted supplier of retail hardware, software, and digital signage needs in more than 40 countries.

However, when TGCS’s parent company determined they needed to upgrade and extend their software solution, they needed to find their own trusted supplier.


Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (TGCS)


In the middle of an Oracle EBS upgrade, Toshiba decided to change their cloud infrastructure provider. A single error in this process would severely impact operations.


Though the project became far more complicated partway through, Centroid still delivered on time and on budget. 

It’s not simply the solution, it’s the provider

Toshiba Tec, TGCS’s parent company, consisted of three subsidiaries that each ran on different systems. These disparate systems increased maintenance time and hampered global operations, so Toshiba decided to standardize all three subsidiaries onto a single platform: Oracle EBS.

The Oracle selection process was a no-brainer. Toshiba had already been running one instance of Oracle EBS for years and were happy with it. What they truly needed was an Oracle expert who could implement a complex solution with 70+ modules, right on deadline.

Centroid makes the difference

TGCS chose Centroid to implement their Oracle EBS solution. From day one, the difference between Centroid and others was visible. Not only did Centroid provide expert PM and technical skills, they also had the highly experienced sta with in-depth industry knowledge who had worked with upgrades in the past. For TGCS, Centroid was able to bridge the gap between technology and business.


A curveball and consequences – no problem for Centroid

Because TGCS’s system would handle all end-to-end operations and worldwide transactions with millions of records, they knew a single upgrade error would have a severe impact on the company.

With time and accuracy of critical importance, Centroid created a timeline of clear milestones and got to work upgrading Oracle EBS.

Then the unexpected happened.

“In the middle of this project we threw a curveball at Centroid and said we wanted to change data centers at the same time as go live,” said Leon Roberge, CIO and Vice President of IT at TGCS.

Centroid rose to the challenge, instantly sending a dedicated infrastructure team to work with TGCS and architect the new solution. Since the consulting company knew deadline was Toshiba’s top concern, they “flooded the zone” with personnel, so they could stay on track.

Immediately, the new infrastructure created challenges. Surprises and troubles occurred with everything from the database to the network configurations, load balancers, and version compatibility of peripheral systems – yet Centroid rose to the challenge yet again, creating creative, customized code that kept them on time for the planned go-live date.

Centroid’s motivation to stick to TGCS’s crucial deadline, despite all the issues and hiccups along the way, is only one of the reasons the consultant is recognized as a leader in the Oracle space. Though Toshiba chose Centroid because of their deep expertise in the product and industry, the global retail solutions company was grateful that Centroid was so committed to the project’s needs.

In the end, Centroid still delivered on time and on budget for the go-live date. TGCS reported that their performance was noticeably quicker right after implementation and they were pleased with the outcome of the project.

“Despite all of the challenges we threw at Centroid accross this project, the met every one on time and on budget.”
Leon Roberge, CIO and Vice President of IT, TGCS