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Centroid Successfully Completes Azure Migration for Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is an American personal emergency response systems provider, privately owned and headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. As a one-stop provider of medical alert solutions, Medical Guardian is dedicated to helping people take the next chapter of their life head-on. 

Medical Guardian Faces a Datacenter Emergency

When Medical Guardian first met with Centroid, their mission-critical application was hosted in a proprietary Datacenter on a set of servers and managed by the hosting provider. This posed several limitations and challenges for the client, including no standard deployments, no separation of access for each environment, unstable and unreliable environments, multiple security vulnerabilities, and the inability to scale up or down to meet business demands.


Centroid’s Recommendations

To address these challenges, Centroid performed a full environment assessment to review the security, stability, availability, and support of the environment. Additionally, our team helped successfully complete PCI and HIPAA compliance audits.

Based on the findings of the complete environment assessment, Centroid recommended that the following improvements be implemented:


  • Migrate customer environments to Azure to address stabilization and availability needs.
  • Create a Golden Template to standardize deployment standards.
  • Secure the environment from any unwanted access.
  • Provide support for deployments.
  • Deploy SIEM solution for pro-active and reactive logging.
  • Actively patch all the environments on a semi-annual basis. 

Medical Guardian


Medical Guardian faced many challenges and limitations within their environment due to their mission-critical application being hosted in a proprietary Datacenter, managed by the hosting provider.


Centroid performed a full environment assessment to review the security, stability, availability, and support of Medical Guardian’s application.


To address Medical Guardian’s limitations and challenges, Centroid completed a four-month project that entailed of a migration to Azure, collaboration, testing, and validation.

Success! Azure Migration Completed

The four-month project entailed of Centroid completing a migration to Azure, collaboration, testing, validation, and implementation of all the recommendations that were proposed from the initial assessment findings.

The project was completed successfully with the customer now being hosted on the Azure platform with a separation of environments, roles, and responsibilities. Medical Guardian CIO, Brian Zimmerman has given the migration project a huge thumbs up.