Successful Cloud Cost Management Begins with Visibility

Whether you are a Cloud Administrator ensuring a well-architected environment or a CFO trying to maximize the organization’s budget and drive ROI, understanding and being aware of changes occurring across your environment is a key factor when managing your cloud efficiently. With Centroid’s Cloud Cost Optimizer Tool, you optimize all aspects of your cloud computing to save money, reclaim resources, and run all your applications better. With our tool, you will gain greater control, visibility, and accurate intelligence around your cloud spend and avoid the unexpected to ensure you get more cloud for your investment. Request a demo to learn how our detailed, drill-down consumption and cost reporting, delivers the cloud cost visibility that you need to achieve cloud-enabled business outcomes faster.  


Cloud Costs

The Importance of Cloud Cost Optimization

  • Cloud cost optimization, security, and automation remain top concerns for stakeholders. 
  • By 2024, it’s predicted that 80% of companies will be unaware of their mistakes in their cloud adoption and will overspend by 20% to 50%.     
  • Cloud Cost Optimization reduces waste by providing you with details of your cloud investment so that you can control and manage performance, resources, speed of innovation, time-to-market, continuity, compliance, and costs. 
  • Drive accountability to stay on budget through real-time visibility and tracking of cloud costs. 

Challenges of Cloud Cost Optimization

Research shows that 80% of enterprises face challenges in cloud cost optimization, making it crucial to identify and understand what those challenges are to overcome and gain as much business value as possible from your cloud spend. Listed below are a few of the common challenges enterprises face:

  • Track/Evaluate – Inability to fully know, thoroughly track and evaluate cloud resources/scheduling, inaccurate budget forecasts, and spending.  
  • Over-Provisioning/Cost Complexity – Cloud resource/scheduling inaccuracies and waste. Complexities around billing/reporting cloud expenses.  
  • Conflicting Strategies – Conflicting cloud-savings strategies across team. 
  • Cloud Options – Less cloud optimization options that aren’t fit; more automation/autoscaling/tools.   
Cloud Financials

Take Back Control with Centroid

Take back control of your cloud costs with our self-service, on-demand analytics platform, that enables you to:  

  • Maintain your environment to the expected level with the opportunity to reduce your cloud bill by up to 60%. 
  • Gain visibility into current cloud resources and park non-production resources (or production in some cases) when idle to avoid incurring additional costs.    
  • Support your organization’s needs to efficiently manage resource state: running and stopped, utilizing “parking” schedule management options to ensure your instances, auto-scaling groups, and logical groups are only running when needed.   
  • Better manage the state of resources and generate overall savings through automated scheduling recommendations. 


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