Cloud Monitoring | HW | APPS

Monitor the health and performance of your cloud computing resources.

A growing number of organizations are leveraging cloud-computing services to improve the flexibility and scalability of IT services delivered to their end users. The task of monitoring your complete enterprise HW and applications can be daunting with a variety of options. It then becomes important to continually monitor these business-critical cloud-hosted applications to ensure they perform at expected levels at all times and cloud resources are being effectively utilized.

If your company is like most, you may find that you are utilizing a larger percentage of apps than you think you are; and in return, an even larger portion of them aren't even enterprise-ready. Having the ability to effectively find and quantify the risk of all your cloud applications in your environment, sanctioned or not, give you a leg up in determining exactly which align and fit with your business, in addition ensure that all user-requested apps are approved.

Centroid can offer our customers deep dive application component monitoring solutions that cover application servers, databases, servers, VMware, web transactions, etc. This along with cloud monitoring capabilities allow organizations to proactively monitor the health and performance of their critical cloud infrastructure as well as the applications hosted on the Cloud.

We help to ensure that your business-critical applications on the Cloud are performing at optimal levels and can detect and resolve problems in a timely manner. You also gain visibility into the resource utilization of your cloud infrastructure which in turn helps in capacity planning.

Centroid can deliver total infrastructure visibility with our Cloud Monitoring Services. The combination of cloud options mixed with hosted services and legacy on-premises infrastructure creates a complex landscape for IT to run and operate.