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Lower TCO & Improved CI/CD Pipeline with OKE – White Paper

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  • Lower TCO & Improved CI/CD Pipeline with OKE – White Paper

Intelletive, Centroid’s newest acquisition partner, delivered a scalable and cost-effective solution for their customer by leveraging Oracle Cloud. The client had always run their software on-premise in their own data center, but after a recent acquisition, they needed to explore other options as they scaled their business.

Oracle Cloud was chosen due to its excellent support for Oracle databases and its managed Kubernetes service, Oracle Kubernetes Engine (OKE). Additionally, there were no hidden networking costs, making the cost structure substantially more affordable than AWS and Azure.

At the end of the project, the development team was able to leverage Oracle Cloud and OKE to offer flexibility, security, a lower total cost of ownership, and an improved CI/CD pipeline to enable the customer to succeed as they grow.

Read our white paper for the full story and learn the benefits of leveraging Oracle Cloud and Kubernetes.