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Top 5 Oracle Linux questions

If you are thinking of switching to Oracle Linux, we know you may have some questions. That’s why we are covering the top 5 questions we get asked about it daily. Let’s get started!

1) How does Oracle Linux optimize application workloads?
Answer: Oracle Linux is an open, secure, cloud-ready infrastructure OS that enables you to support the growing needs of your business. By deploying your infrastructure on Linux’s open platform, your critical Oracle workloads will be optimized.

2) How does Oracle Linux prevent scheduled outages from patching?
Answer: Outages due to patching are significantly decreased using the added layers of defense with Linux containers (LXC), Ksplice hot patching, and Oracle VM templates.

3) How much does Linux support cost, and what is included?
Answer: You can optimize the use of Oracle software licenses and take advantage of flexible and cost-effective enterprise-class support subscriptions.

4) Can Oracle provide support for existing Red Hat Linux users?
Answer: Yes, Oracle support is available for existing Red Hat users.

5) Does Oracle Linux Support offer Docker and Container support?
Answer: Yes, Oracle Linux provides both Docker and Container support.

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