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A suite of services offering pre-built integration for Oracle Cloud applications

The Centroid Integrator is specifically designed for Oracle cloud applications.

The Integrator is a powerful, cloud-based software as-a-service requiring no installation, feature-rich data conversions and out of the box business event integration. It’s intuitive and easy to use, so users can easily maintain their integrations directly in the cloud and innovate at a faster pace. Using the Centroid Integrator, your Oracle cloud deployments will be quicker, less complicated, and less expensive. The user experience will be seamless.

The Centroid Integrator is a proven tool for converting key pillar and historical data, and integrating key transactional data with Oracle cloud applications like ERP, SCM, and CRM.

key features

The Centroid Integrator is purpose-built for Oracle cloud applications from the ground up. It extends the open API’s to the maximum extent by having mapped and automated key processes. It is available immediately via monthly subscription and it is backed by Centroid, a leader in Oracle cloud deployments and integrations.

Reduced cost of implementation and integration
SaaS Application Integration is much more than making a web service call. By reducing the effort needed to build conversion programs and integration adapters, the Centroid Integrator significantly lowers the cost of building and maintaining the complex business logic through out-of-the box features that users can easily maintain.

Automated migration
The Centroid Integrator automates mapping, loading, processing and even job scheduling of external data. Integration is predictable, efficient, and seamless, from migrating legacy data to integrating ongoing financial data.

Supports both inbound and outbound
The Centroid Integrator supports both inbound and outbound data integration across Oracle cloud applications: Financials, Procurement, Projects, Sales, and Supply Chain. Inbound is supported for all FBDI and Web Services provided by Oracle through different mediums: SFTP, email, scheduling and manual. Both the inbound/outbound data files use the formats supported by Oracle cloud applications.

Supports FBDI and native public web services
Integrator uses out of the box FBDI and native public services to extend the integration data to and from Oracle cloud applications.

Configurable notifications for integrations
The integrator can be configured to send notifications via email for both success and exception outcomes for ongoing integrations.

Faster time to market
The Centroid Integrator uniquely lets users build and maintain integrations directly on our SaaS platform with easy to use workflows and UI. There are no third-party applications to manage. There are no third-party technologies to learn. There is no need to have a technical understanding of the Oracle API’s. The Centroid Integrator reduces implementation errors and makes test cycles faster, thus speeding time-to-market for integrations of Oracle Cloud applications with other external systems across business processes.

The Integrator is offered as a managed subscription that includes regular updates and support. All hosted services run on Oracle world-class infrastructure. All updates are rigorously tested and transparently released to your Oracle account.

Pre-built extractors for Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud
We have pre-built extraction logic available for Oracle EBS to the Oracle Cloud Financials and Cloud Procurement module to reduce the timeframe for cloud implementation.

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