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In this podcast, Ajay Arora, Centroid Managing Partner and CTO, and Steve Galloway, Director of IT at Edward C. Levy, explore Levy’s transformative cloud journey with Centroid, emphasizing a foundation of transparency and honesty over the decade-long partnership. Beginning in 2014, Levy approached Centroid for an EBS assessment, which led to a migration from AIX to Oracle Linux. Fast-forward to 2021, Levy sought to migrate to OCI and upgrade their EBS environment to 12.2. The move to OCI resulted in significantly lower downtime and enhanced scalability. As Levy looks to the future, they aim to leverage AI and ML to drive future advancements.

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Ajay Arora, Managing Partner and CTO, Centroid | LinkedIn

Steve Galloway, Director of IT, Edward C. Levy | LinkedIn

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