Hope For The Best, Plan For The Worst Webinar

Prepare your technology for pandemics, disasters, and other uncontrollable external threats.

For business and technology leaders, COVID-19 is an unfriendly reminder that external threats aren’t a question of if, but when, and that the “the worst that can possibly happen,” does: government lockdowns, supply chain disruptions, business closures.

As a business and technology leader, how can you prepare for these worst-possible-scenario situations? Watch our webinar to learn how you can:

  • Prepare for uncontrollable external threats such as natural disasters and global pandemics
  • Rapidly deploy and enable a remote workforce with the cloud
  • Future-proof your technology and mitigate risk

Cloud Workshop Webinar

As a business leader, you’re well aware of the unprecedented growth, capabilities, and efficiency the cloud offers your organization. But like many of your peers, the details of timeline, cloud provider, workloads, and cloud know-how can make the way forward foggy.

Gain cloud clarity in Centroid’s upcoming cloud workshop webinar — where you’ll discover when to move to the cloud, what to move, how to do it, and where to move to (AWS, GCP, or OCI) in a way that maps to your specific business goals and objectives.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Evaluate the top cloud service providers (AWS, GCP, OCI)
  • Determine the best-fit cloud for your organization
  • Initiate, assess, or complete your cloud migration plan

Look Before You Leap

Upgrading Oracle E-business Suite has countless benefits. But it also has a lot of risk. If you’re not careful, an upgrade can create countless challenges, costs, and complexities for your company.

Take the risk out of your upgrade.

Centroid’s Oracle EBS Upgrade Impact Analysis identifies precisely what changes will be made on your EBS environment at the Application, O/S, and database level when an upgrade occurs. It shows a complete impact on existing customizations: what object, which line of code, and what is the code change.

Watch our webinar to learn how Centroid can help you get the benefits of upgrading, without the risk.

COVID-19 and the Cloud

COVID-19 is changing the world. The impacts are frightening: infection counts are rising, stock markets plummeting, supply chains upended, businesses closing, unemployment skyrocketing… and the list goes on. As a technology leader, how can you respond?

Listen to a panel of cloud experts in our webinar and learn about how COVID-19 is changing the technology landscape, what you need to do to adjust, and how you can best prepare for a post-COVID-19 world.

Virtualization in the Cloud Age

Watch this webinar to understand how virtualization effects Oracle licensing both on-premise and in the cloud, and how to leverage virtualization for your business.

Oracle Cloud Simplified

Gain deep insight into the Oracle Cloud and its unique PaaS & IaaS capabilities, and watch demonstrations of common cloud deployment use cases in this webinar presented by Ajay Arora, Managing Partner at Centroid.

Oracle Cloud and Autonomous Integration Cloud Services

Enterprise IT environments are complex and rapidly changing. Are you seeking low complexity Integration solutions to allow your Enterprise applications to talk to each other in agile fashion in either the cloud or on-premise solutions? For example, Oracle Applications to, Oracle E-Business Suite to B2B, or leveraging technology adaptors for SOAP, JSP, REST, etc., to SaaS solutions. Centroid, an Oracle Cloud Select and Platinum Partner, will show you in this workshop how easy it is to leverage a $300 free trial on Oracle Cloud with Integration Cloud Services to prove out use cases in your specific environment.

Clearing Confusion about the Oracle Cloud ERP

Now is the time to move to the Cloud

Or is it?

Many companies are being told they must move their Oracle Applications to the Cloud in order to cut costs, increase efficiency, and embrace the future of technology. But Oracle’s Cloud Applications aren’t a one-for-one replacement of their on-premise counterparts, and vary greatly in maturity levels.

Additionally, Oracle remains committed to its on-premise applications with continued service, maintenance, and investment in R&D.

So is Oracle Cloud ERP right for your business?

Watch the webinar below to answer your questions about Oracle Cloud ERP!

Break the Boundaries of Possible with Oracle Linux Support

Learn how to reduce downtime, increase security, and save money with Oracle Linux support. Plus, learn how to enforce security compliance with zero downtime.
Minimize your business risk by maximizing flexibility. Learn about how to use Oracle with Linux and the tools and offerings from an open source perspective.

Also learn how to reduce risk and exposure while maintaining productivity with Ksplice, learn how to manage your systems using Spacewalk or Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), and learn how the new Cloud Native can help with your devops.

Apps in a Box

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) Webinar

Enterprise applications are essential to your business. But without the right infrastructure, they can be cumbersome to implement, customize, and manage. With Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), you can remove the typical headaches caused by enterprise applications. ODA is a powerful, plug-and-play infrastructure that can run and optimize your PeopleSoft, EBS, or JD Edwards applications.

Watch Centroid’s webinar to learn how you can save money, increase performance, and optimize your infrastructure with ODA.

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