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oracle linux

Break the boundaries of possible with Oracle Linux

Did you know as many as 74% of organizations take more than 3 months to patch their systems?

Even though IT teams are under pressure to implement robust security measures, they delay applying patches a they have a plan for the required reboot and downtime to ensure minimal business disruption.

But with Oracle Linux and Ksplice, you can patch vulnerabilities with no reboots and zero downtime.

Download our suite of materials to learn how Oracle Linux can help you:

  • Increase security with Ksplice zero downtime patching and non-disruptive updates
  • Reduce risk and improve time to market with optimizations for the Oracle stack
  • Accelerate cloud adoption leveraging Oracle’s expertise and cloud scale

Centroid's Oracle Linux Datasheet collection

What’s behind the form:

Oracle Linux Datasheet

Get the nitty gritty details of everything you ever wanted to know about Oracle Linux.


Oracle Linux Virtual Machine White Paper

Discover how to support your on-premises data center deployment, while laying down a migration path to easily move workloads to the cloud.


Unbiased Reviews on Oracle Linux

Read real reviews of Oracle Linux compiled by third-party research firms IT Central Station and IDG.


“Optimize Your Infrastructure with Oracle Linux” white paper

Discover how you can minimize costs and maximize value with Oracle Linux.