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Respond rapidly to consumer demands.

Centroid helps consumer product companies improve their market responsiveness by enabling demand-driven supply networks, revenue management, and multi-dimensional analysis of company performance.

Today, consumers have access to more online resources and social media to guide their buying decisions. We help consumer product companies embrace technologies that listen to consumer feedback and respond effectively to demand signals.

The most efficient consumer product companies are also using real-time downstream data to manage supply chains across their retail channels. We can help you integrate such data into your operational planning. Tomorrow’s leading consumer product companies will be those that use their information to be more responsive to consumers and channels; and integrate the same information into their processes to operate more efficiently.


What Centroid can do for consumer products companies

Build demand-driven operations and planning We can help you integrate demand information from your channels into your business processes, so that sales, operations and financial planning are more optimized. Increase sales and marketing ROI. Better analytics from your campaigns will increase your learning and help you spend more effectively.

Transform your information architecture to support future growth. We can develop a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that will rationalize the cost and complexity of your IT systems.

Standardize business management and control processes. We can improve the efficiency of back-office processes at a lower cost of ownership.

Improve your ability to innovate. Our solutions can help you identify demand and improve coordination between product development, production, and marketing. This should help reduce time-to-market and increase your new product success rate.

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