Centroid Client, Subaru, Wins 2017 Cloud Platform Innovation Award

Troy, Michigan | February 13, 2018

The Oracle Cloud is transforming business. And Subaru, a client of Centroid, is transforming the Oracle Cloud. So much so that Oracle awarded Subaru with the prestigious Cloud Platform Innovation Award.

The challenge: modernizing aging platforms on a global scale

Subaru of America serves as the global service bureau for the company’s Telematics system, which connects all Subaru vehicles to the OnStar network (to provide emergency response services) and collects, stores and analyzes operational information on individual vehicle performance. In 2016, the company determined that it needed to modernize the aging platform and add functionality to the Telematics system. A major issue driving the initiative was that country-specific requirements requiring in-country data centers were making it difficult to support global-wide operations (in many cases, the service simply couldn’t be offered in countries like Russia and China).

The company realized it would either need to rebuild the system on new hardware or move the Telematics application to a cloud platform with globally distributed servers that could be efficiently managed and maintained. Throughout the last half of 2016, Centroid worked with Subaru to evaluate multiple cloud options, as well as an internal build out.

A comprehensive cloud solution

Subaru was challenged with building out a global version of its aging Telematics system. After evaluating an internal build out and multiple hosted cloud solutions, Subaru decided to go with a comprehensive Oracle PaaS/IaaS solution. The Dev environment for the U.S. went live in December 2016, and the Production portion went live in July 2017. The Oracle PaaS/IaaS solution delivers on all of Subaru’s requirements for the system:

  • Global availability – Oracle has data centers in all countries Subaru intends to serve
  • Robust Technology – state of the art technology that can expand to meet growing and changing demands
  • Efficient Asset Management – efficient management of licenses and data centers across a global footprint

Innovation that pays off

On top of receiving the Cloud Platform Innovation award from Oracle, the global solution, as architected by Centroid, enables Subaru to:

  • Increase revenue, by offering services in countries it previously couldn’t
  • Reduce IT costs by eliminating on-premise hardware and software maintenance
  • Offer a consistent level of service across the global platform
  • Quickly adapt to changing customer needs and demands on the system
  • Analyze and report data efficiently

“With a project of this size, I [knew] we will run into some challenges. I [had] complete trust in the Centroid team and [was] confident that, together, we [could] overcome any challenges we face.” states Brian Simmermon, CIO, Subaru.


About Subaru:

Based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, Subaru of America, Inc. is the U.S. Sales and Marketing subsidiary of Subaru Corporation of Japan and is responsible for the distribution, marketing, sales and service of Subaru vehicles in the United States, Canada and Mexico.  The company is an end-to-end Oracle shop, running Oracle applications, middleware and database on Oracle hardware and virtual machines.

About Centroid:

Centroid is a cloud services technology company and Oracle Platinum-level partner, offering IT consulting, cloud managed services, and cloud solutions. The company provides consulting and managed cloud services that span the entire enterprise. From applications to technology to infrastructure, Centroid’s end-to-end capabilities deliver the highest quality services, helping clients modernize, transform, and grow their businesses.