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Rumor Has It

Is mixed information stopping you from making the switch to Oracle Linux? We know the most common questions and misconceptions that blur the lines for prospective users, and we are here to set the rumors straight.

“I’ve standardized on Red Hat Linux.”
They likely ran multiple versions of Linux and hypervisors in their environment. Oracle has optimized Oracle Linux for the most critical business applications focusing on security and the cloud.

“Oracle is not a proven Linux vendor.”
Oracle Linux is the development standard for Oracle applications, middleware, Database, and engineered systems. Oracle Cloud, with more than 60B transactions a day, runs on Oracle Linux. Tested and proven, 17K+ enterprises deploy Oracle Linux.

“How committed is Oracle to Open Source and Cloud-Native?”
These are the same technologies used to build the public cloud, hardware products, and run Oracle’s business. Therefore, investing and supporting these technologies is a core strategy for Oracle.

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