EPIC uses Centroid Lightning to consolidate four legacy ERPs into Oracle ERP Cloud in a matter of weeks

As a part of its strategic growth strategy, EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants acquired several companies, each of which was running a different ERP system.

A failure to quickly consolidate disparate ERPs into a single platform would have left EPIC with disintegrated technology, astronomical ERP costs, and decentralized technology and operations management. In order for EPIC to fully realize the benefits of their acquisitions, they needed to swiftly consolidate all of the disparate legacy systems into a single, integrated ERP platform.

Using “Centroid Lightning,” Centroid’s proprietary cloud migration automation tool, Centroid helped EPIC consolidate and migrate its five disparate ERP systems to Oracle ERP Cloud in a matter of weeks. Additionally, EPIC now has a proven model for lightning-fast ERP consolidation as they continue to acquire more companies.