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Empower Pharmacy deploys front-office and back-office applications to OCI to handle its growth trajectory.

Empower Pharmacy offers custom medications for Erectile Dysfunction, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, and Infertility to assist with overall health and wellness. Women have unique health issues that often times can benefit from medications prepared by a compounding pharmacy.

Empower Pharmacy was growing and outpacing what its current front-office and back-office applications could keep up with.

Through discussion, Centroid determined that Empower needed a scaleable yet industry-proven back-office ERP system coupled with born in the cloud applications. Centroid and Empower chose Oracle E-Business Suite for its ERP system to handle its product manufacturing and to build a custom application to handle the patient dispensary; all while deploying it in the cloud to provide secure flexibility in the long-term for its back-office applications.

“Empower had to act fast and replace its on-premises applications, they knew that the existing systems just could not scale and the new patient acquisitions were off the charts and something had to be done quickly,” said Paresh Patel, Managing Partner at Centroid. “ After selecting Oracle E-business as the back-office solution and being deployed on OCI, they were able to push a button and spin up their environments quickly. That eliminated months of time off of ordering and deploying new hardware.”

It took only a week for Empower to have several Dev/Test ERP environments stood up. The fast timeline and effective solution allowed Empower to handle the growth of new patients and new production lines all by foregoing traditional, on-premises systems.

Plus, the cloud-based solution enables Empower to eliminate the hassle of buying and managing on-premises licenses and infrastructure, which will allow them to focus on growing the customer base and key business initiatives.

“Centroid provided key application services, from cloud infrastructure, to cloud build-out, ERP deployment, custom application development and managed services. The incredible success and speed of the deployment bave led Empower to scope and plan other cloud solutions with Centroid.”

Paresh Patel, Managing Partner, Centroid

The nitty-gritty

Oracle Products

  • Oracle Compute
  • Oracle Database Cloud Service
  • Oracle Object and Block Storage
  • Oracle Integration Cloud Service


  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Database and Custom Applications