Oracle Cloud ERP – Just What The Doctor Ordered for Cornerstone Medical


Cornerstone Healthcare Group


After an acquisition, Cornerstone required a single system to reliably perform and record all financial transaction, and reporting flexibility was key.


Oracle Cloud ERP with Centroid Integrator


The new ERP easily handles transactions and provides insight into enterprise-wide financial with in-depth, easy to use reporting.

Cornerstone Healthcare Group, headquartered in Dallas, was founded in 1990 and currently runs 18 facilities across 6 states, helping patients with long-term acute care, senior living facilities, and behavioral health assistance.

When running a busy healthcare facility, decision-makers need to act fast at any hour of the day or night, which means they need accurate and reliable real-time insight into all their processes around the clock. Though Cornerstone’s legacy solution had provided them with adequate financial insight in the past, they worried that the aging system wouldn’t be able to handle the complexity of their upcoming acquisition.

Finding a system that’s fit as a fiddle

To find the right replacement, Cornerstone compared multiple applications from multiple vendors. They ultimately decided that Oracle Cloud ERP would be the best fit for their specific needs. “Cornerstone wanted something that had strong reporting, and Oracle provided the best flexibility on that side,” said Paresh Patel, Managing Partner at Centroid. “Centroid was called in to implement the solution.”


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An ounce of prevention…

To set up the new cloud ERP properly, Centroid and Cornerstone spent weeks collaboratively working through accounting processes, step-by-step, so Centroid would clearly understand how the healthcare group handled transactions.

Because Cornerstone faced a tight deadline of September 1, less than 6 months away, this initial work was critical to ensure a smooth go-live.

Reporting was a key component of the project, so Centroid focused on ensuring that the right reports would be ready to go on Day 1 of the go-live. This involved building the reports, connecting disparate data using Centroid’s proprietary cloud integrator and teaching Cornerstone how to use the easy, drag-and-drop system to build their own reports in the future.

The careful planning and preparation paid off, resulting in a seamless go-live that was perfectly on time.

New reporting system gets a clean bill of health

Now Cornerstone is able to gain insight into financial transactions in both the acquisition and the parent company, and as they get used to their new system they’ll be able to reduce the amount of time and energy they put into reporting and processing reports.

Since the go-live, Cornerstone has also enjoyed an unexpected benefit. Though the healthcare group had previously struggled with loosely defined financial and budgeting processes, after the in-depth consultation process with Centroid, the healthcare group was able to standardize their properties and processes. This has helped to speed and streamline their transactions even more.

With better reporting and clearly defined processes, Cornerstone now has the freedom to spend more of their time on what really matters to them: the health of their patients.

“When you work with Centroid for a cloud implementation, you’ll have a partner with the knowledge and experience to draw realistic project expectations and deliver on time. Right now, a lot of vendors are trying to land deals by under-bidding the timeframe, but then their ‘two-month’ implementation stretches into six months or more. Busy CIOs and CFOs don’t have time for that.

At Centroid, we understand what it takes to get a project done. We’re realistic upfront, we chart understandable expectations, and everyone involved understands what will happen and when. And, for us, deadlines are solid.”

Paresh Patel, Managing Partner, Centroid