Why You Need Oracle Managed Services

At this point, we’ve all seen very clearly that the future of business is in the cloud. Leaders who wish to succeed in the long term understand that they must make the transition to the cloud – and some forward-thinking organizations have already planned their cloud roadmaps or even completed their cloud transformation projects.

However, the cloud isn’t magical. It’s still an IT system of sorts, so it still takes IT management. To maximize your cloud experience in terms of security and performance, you need to manage your cloud solutions.

Oracle managed services can help with that.

Learn More About Oracle Managed Services

What Are Oracle Managed Services and How Can They Help?

You can think of Oracle managed services as the remote IT assistance you need for your Oracle Cloud solutions. With managed services, you’ll have a highly certified team of Oracle Cloud experts who will update, upgrade, monitor, manage, and protect your systems around the clock, ensuring that you get what you expect from your cloud solutions.

When you work with an Oracle managed services provider (MSP), you’ll free up your internal IT team to focus on moving your business forward, and you’ll also be able to effortlessly smooth out any tech wrinkles that may arise if you haven’t already found cloud experts for your in-house IT team.

In addition, a managed services provider (MSP) for your Oracle Cloud products can help you:

  • Refocus your IT staff’s attention on strategy

    With the threat landscape these days and the constant Patch Tuesday updates, most IT departments spend their days putting out fires or performing dull menial management tasks. This is a shame because it means they don’t have time to strategize your best path to alignment between your IT solutions and your business objectives. Without an up-to-date IT strategy, you may find yourself unable to take advantage of emerging business opportunities.

  • Implement proactive threat avoidance

    Currently, your business only has the ability to react to the world of cyber threats. This is a vulnerable situation that no company wants to be in – and with your new cloud systems, you may not be sure how to set up a proactive perimeter.

    Luckily, with careful IT management around the clock, as well as a solid disaster recovery plan, you can counteract potential problems and seamlessly move from a reactive stance to a proactive stance. How many of your competitors can say that?

  • Increase your business’s growth potential and agility

    When your IT team is too focused on integrating, updating, and maintaining IT systems, especially in a brand-new cloud environment, they’ll be unable to offer timely insight into newly emerging digital options and enterprise-grade solutions that can improve your competitive capabilities. The pace of business moves fast these days and the pace of technology moves even faster – you can’t afford to waste time.

    If you suffer from delayed decision-making, you’ll also suffer from delayed action. However, with Oracle managed services and an experienced Oracle consultant, you can feel confident to assess your decisions on a moment-by-moment basis, knowing that your systems will be fully supported and backed up whatever you do.

Take Your Business Back

You and your IT team have had to divide your attention for far too long. Now that you have a new Oracle cloud solution, you deserve to get the most from it.

With Oracle managed services, you’ll finally have the freedom to take your business back and focus on formulating the growth strategies that will place your business ahead of your competitors now and in the years to come.

But you don’t want to interrupt your strategizing with worries about IT security. You don’t want to run into a roadblock due to an inefficient system that isn’t optimized. With Oracle managed services, you can trust that, while you’re strategizing, your cloud systems will be in good hands.


Centroid is one of the longest-standing cloud management teams in the Oracle ecosystem and is one of the leading members of a very small handful of professionals certified to take care of your Oracle systems. Contact Centroid to learn more about how your business can succeed with Oracle managed solutions.