Why More Businesses Are Choosing Oracle Cloud Over the Big Name Competition

Facts are facts and there’s no use tiptoeing around them. Oracle got into the cloud game late and had a lot of catching up to do in order to take on the cloud giants head to head. However, Oracle entered the fight swinging, which is why 2019 is seeing Oracle catch up with AWS, Google, and Microsoft– and, in some respects, even pull ahead of the cloud giants. Their increasing customer support is just one sign of their cloud success.

Here are three reasons why businesses are now choosing Oracle Cloud over the big name competition.

1. They Serve the Full Stack Plus More

A lot of vendors are in the cloud at this point, but only a small, select few can offer the full cloud stack of Software-,Platform-,and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS). Oracle is one of the select few who offers the full stack, along with the big name competition we mentioned earlier, but it’s worth noting that the cloud giants haven’t established themselves for enterprise hardware and, except for Microsoft, the giants haven’t established themselves in the non-cloud enterprise software market either.

Since 1977, Oracle has focused on providing enterprise software and hardware products, including its own world-class database software (for which it dominates the market) and the industry-leading hardware formerly made by Sun Microsystems (acquired in 2009 by Oracle). Between these two areas alone, not the mention the many other Oracle specialties, Oracle has led the enterprise hardware and software markets for decades and truly understands the full stack as no other cloud vendor can.

Oracle’s competitors, the big name cloud companies, run on commodity hardware and most only offer immature enterprise software solutions.

Because Oracle rules the enterprise hardware and software integration market, and because most hard-hitting businesses are usually already running at least one Oracle solution, enterprise leaders are naturally choosing Oracle Cloud due to its fully integrated full stack capabilities that are optimized to work with existing solutions.

2. Oracle Cloud Truly Is Cutting Edge

The big name competition was cutting edge years ago when they released their cloud solutions ahead of Oracle’s timeline, but these days it takes more than cloud service to stay relevant and competitive. Oracle may have been late to the cloud party, but at this point, they’re leading the pack with cloud-powered AI and machine-learning capabilities.

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud can eliminate error, cut costs, increase security, and is 100x more reliable than on-premises options for Oracle Databases. Oracle Engineered Systems, an integrated blend of Oracle hardware and software, automatically self-tunes and optimizes to make your Oracle workloads more cost-effective and efficient.

The Oracle Cloud also features Oracle’s AI Platform, Oracle’s powerful Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering, and more self-driving, autonomous capabilities in the Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps lineup, which uniquely “think” and prioritize your data needs to deliver the streamlines processes and information deliver your business needs – effortlessly.

Again, facts are facts. Both Google and Amazon are fantastic at collecting and delivering data for enterprise customers (to be realistic, data is the underpinning of both cloud companies’ business models), but only Oracle Cloud has the ability to apply advanced machine learning technologies to data in order to sift through today’s massive datasets and deliver instant, relevant findings that truly matter.

Remember, without the adaptive machine learning capabilities that Oracle has focused on, the big data-based big name cloud competitors have run into embarrassing and damaging flops like Google Flu Trends and the Amazon T-Shirt debacle.

Because of Oracle’s careful attention to identifying and leveraging only the most relevant, valuable data for its enterprise customers, their big data offerings have become trustworthy and extremely useful – and the value they deliver with their big data is yet another one of the reasons businesses are choosing the Oracle Cloud over its competitors.

3. Oracle Is Committed to Customer Choice

Perhaps the most important reason why more businesses are choosing Oracle Cloud is because Oracle isn’t requiring their customers to move to the cloud. Oracle’s development roadmap includes supporting their on-premises solutions indefinitely (with some caveats), and Premier Support is slated to last through 2030 for many Oracle on-premises offerings with Applications Unlimited.

This all boils down to what Oracle is calling the “New Era of Choice,” in which enterprise customers have the freedom to move to the cloud on their own timelines, at their own pace, and with no forced migrations. If businesses choose to make the leap, Oracle’s fully integrated, cloud-ready solutions make it easy to transition to Oracle Cloud with full data portability.

Other vendors among the big name cloud providers are requiring cloud migrations, which boxes enterprise customers into the cloud giants’ timelines (though Microsoft recently backtracked on their requirements by releasing Azure Stack).

Instead of choosing to be boxed in with the big name vendors, enterprises are increasingly opting for the true cloud migration choice that Oracle Cloud offers.

Plan Your Oracle Cloud Transformation the Right Way

Since more enterprise customers are choosing the Oracle Cloud, there’s a high likelihood that you are also planning your transition to the Oracle Cloud. To ensure your cloud migration goes smoothly and that you’re able to take full advantage of the many benefits that Oracle Cloud offers over its big name competitors, you’ll want to ensure that you work with an Oracle Cloud consultant with expertise in the full stack of Oracle solutions.

The Oracle consultant you choose should also have proof that they’ve led the cutting edge for Oracle Cloud products and projects, and should also have a proven method for reliable, fast, seamless migrations.

For over 20 years, Centroid has been assisting enterprises through the process of selecting, implementing, and optimizing solutions from the full stack of Oracle options, and we’ve been working with the cloud for as long as the cloud has existed. We were the driving force behind the largest Oracle IaaS / PaaS implementation to date; we were one of the first Oracle Cloud MSPs in the world; and we’ve invented one of the fastest, most reliable methods available for Oracle Cloud migration.


Contact the experts at Centroid when you’re ready to schedule a fair and unbiased analysis of your systems’ needs, so you can see how Oracle Cloud stacks up against the big name cloud competitors for your specific business case.