Who Are the Oracle Partners and Why Does That Matter?

When you’re looking for an Oracle consultant for your enterprise transformation project, you want the right partner. However, there are a lot of Oracle consultants out there and they all claim to be the best. How can you sort through and find the partners that are really the best?

Here’s a tip that’ll save you time in your search: If you’re looking to create your shortlist of the most qualified, most experienced Oracle partners, you’ll want to focus your attention on the Oracle Platinum Partners.

Who Are the Oracle Platinum Partners?

The Oracle Platinum Partners are specialized Oracle consultants that have reached an elite level of competency with Oracle solutions. Due to their proven expertise and experience, they’ve reached the highest tier of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, which is an Oracle-run service that helps customers find the right partner for their needs.

  • The Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN)Used as a classification tool, the Oracle PartnerNetwork features 4 tiers of accomplishment. Oracle Partners qualify under a single tier.
  1. RemarketerThe lowest tier, this is reserved for a company that is licensed to resell certain Oracle products, but that has not differentiated itself as an Oracle expert.
  1. SilverThe next tier up, a Silver Partner is beginning to differentiate themselves in the Oracle ecosystem but does not hold any Specializations. Oracle Silver Partners have access to special learning tools, including the Oracle knowledge base, which helps them start on the path to Specialization.
  1. GoldThe next level up, Gold Partners can qualify for Specializations but are not required to have any Specializations. A Gold Partner without Specializations is pretty much the same as a Silver Partner, for your research purposes.
  1. PlatinumAt the highest tier of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, Oracle Platinum Partners are required to hold at least 5 Specializations in various Oracle solutions. Platinum Partners are also better prepared to meet your deadlines, even in a time crunch, because Platinum Partners receive priority access to Oracle’s internal development teams and Oracle executives.

Why Does Oracle Platinum Partner Status Matter?

Simply put, you can count on Oracle Platinum Partners to be experienced in the areas that matter to your enterprise, due to their Specializations.

  • Oracle SpecializationsOracle Platinum Partners have elite status within the Oracle PartnerNetwork because it is very difficult to get a single Specialization, let alone 5 or more of them.Each Specialization is defined by its own knowledge zone, and each Specialization requires a partner to demonstrate competency(through tests and skills) and business success (through references and projects).

    In short, you can quickly and easily sort through your top options for your enterprise’s specific needs, simply by narrowing your selection to the Oracle Platinum Partners that have attained Specializations in the solutions with which you need assistance. By focusing on each of the Platinum Partners’ Specializations, you can develop a clear, objective view of which Oracle Platinum Partners will be the best fit for your enterprise’s needs.

    Partners with more than 5 Specializations can help your enterprise plan for long-term business success because their wide-ranging expertise adds agile support you can leverage to achieve your evolving goals and objectives.

    But, as you know, proven expertise is only one half of what you’re looking for in an Oracle consultant. You also want amazing customer service.

Choose Centroid: The Oracle Platinum Partner with Incredible Customer Service

Since 1997, Centroid has focused on delivering outstanding customer service to clients, throughout every stage of the selection, implementation, and ongoing support process. That client-centric dedication is why, more than 20 years after Centroid was founded, we’re still working with our very first client.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Centroid has attained Specializations in:

In addition, Centroid is an Oracle Cloud Select partner, an Oracle Cloud MSP, and an Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer.

If your enterprise is looking for a cloud expert and an Oracle Platinum Partner with Specialization in the above areas, please consider Centroid for your Oracle consulting needs.


Learn more about Centroid’s services on our Services page.