What to Expect from Oracle Consulting

So, you’re looking to hire an Oracle consulting firm to help you implement or customize solutions, or migrate to the cloud, and you want to know what the process of working with a consultant will be like.

Each consulting firm works differently, so it’s a smart idea to ask each consultant, specifically, what their process looks like. However, they’ll all generally answer you with the same outline.

When working with an Oracle consultant, the process will break down to about four steps:

  • They’ll ask questions about your goals
  • They’ll listen carefully to your answers
  • They’ll come up with solutions to meet your needs
  • They’ll work with you to develop and execute a roadmap

But this is all basic information.

You should be wondering what to expect when you choose to work with an exemplary Oracle consulting firm.

  • A Thoughtful Solution

You can trust a great Oracle consulting firm to always give you honest feedback, with no “yes” men in the bunch. This means you’ll receive both positive and negative feedback, and you will get pushback from time to time with your consultant.

No one likes to hear that their idea wasn’t the best, but when you can rely on true honesty from your Oracle consulting firm, you know you’ll end up with a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

  • A Range of Options

In technology, especially cutting-edge technology like Oracle Cloudthere’s no single “right way” to do things – though there are many wrong ways, such as “over budget” or “late.”

You can expect a leading Oracle consulting firm to provide you with a range of options for accomplishing your goals, and to offer additional options if none of their suggested solutions meet your exact needs.

  • Client-Centric Focus

Whatever it takes to make your project a success, an exemplary Oracle consulting firm will be out there on the front lines, doing what it takes to ensure an incredible final outcome for you.

You may be surprised to hear that a leading Oracle consulting firm will probably have to learn new skills, creatively problem-solve, and overcome many obstacles in order to complete your project. Tech changes fast, and skillsets must evolve with the changes – yet an average or below-average consulting firm may give up on your project if the going gets tough.

An exemplary consultant won’t stop until your solution is in place.

  • Frequent Check-Ins

You should never have to wonder about the status of your project when you work with one of the top Oracle consulting firms; they’ll keep you up to date at all times.

In addition to keeping you up to date on your project’s progress, a great consultant will take the time to regularly check-in and ask about your needs, your evolving goals, and your personal gut feelings about the project.

  • Relationship Building

In each of their communications with you, an outstanding Oracle consulting firm will ask to know about you. Not just “work” you, but “everyday” you. Expect enjoyable, real conversations with your consultant, not just reports.

In these conversations, it won’t seem odd to chat with your consultant about your future goals and plans, in business and in life, and you’ll be able to tell that your consultant considers him or herself your partner and friend, willing to go the extra mile for you.

No matter how short the project timeframe, your consultant will make it clear that they’re building a long-term relationship with you.

  • Expertise and Curiosity

Oracle solutions are cutting edge, so Oracle consulting firms must also remain on the cutting edge when it comes to that expertise. A great consultant will stay caught up on industry advances, will search for new ways that Oracle or Oracle-integrated technology can add value to your company, and will always be strategizing on your behalf.

Best of all, they’ll share their ideas with you so that you, too, can stay up to date on the latest options for your Oracle solutions.

Work with One of the Leading Oracle Consulting Firms

If you’re looking to work with an expert Oracle consulting firm that provides thoughtful solutions, a wide variety of potential pathways, frequent check-ins, and a true dedication to building long-term relationships with a focus on client success, consider Centroid.

For more than 20 years, Centroid has been delivering effective Oracle solutions from across the entire technology stack, and our success can be demonstrated by the fact that our very first customer is still working with us today.

Here’s what other clients have said:

  • “In my 30 years of experience, I have never been more satisfied with a vendor than I have with Centroid.” (Lenny Goodman, Director – IT)
  • Centroid is always there and wanting to help us out and go that extra distance for us.” (Tony Deller, Data Center Technical Engineering)
  • “Despite all the challenges we threw at Centroid across this project, they met every one on time and on budget.” (Leon Roberge, CIO and VP of IT)

So, we guess there’s a long answer and a short answer to what you can expect from Oracle consulting. Now that we’ve given you the long answer, its time for the short answer: You’ll get full project satisfaction.


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