What Is Oracle PaaS?

It seems that the world of digital technology is constantly changing these days, with new and promising advances coming out all the time. Most business leaders think that the ever-increasing possibility inherent in digital technologies is exciting – but, at the same time, they may also feel that the relentless pace of change is exhausting or overwhelming.

After all, there’s only so much time in a day and with today’s lightning-fast pace of business, many leaders have resorted to putting off their research into cutting-edge tech, so they have more time to simply keep up with their companies.

But there’s only so long you can put off critical, business-building research before your lack of knowledge begins to impact your competitive stance. It’s time to learn about Oracle PaaS.

What Is PaaS, and Where Does Oracle Fit into All This?

PaaS, or “Platform as a Service,” is a cloud computing category that provides a platform for your business to develop, deploy, and run applications without having to run and maintain the underlying infrastructure. PaaS typically comes preinstalled and preconfigured for your specific needs, including databases and middleware already set up and ready to go for you. If you’re having troubles conceptualizing this, just think of PaaS as “provisioning on demand” that simplifies your IT team’s duties while effortlessly maintaining your business flexibility.

Since it’s a cloud service, PaaS offers the CapEx-reducing subscription model that drives modern enterprise agility, and it fits squarely into the middle of a full cloud computing stack because it requires less management than IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), but more management than SaaS (Software as a Service).

Confused about all this “as a service” stuff? Check out our primer on the topic of “as a service” offerings before you continue, because understanding the cloud computing stack is pretty important for understanding Oracle PaaS.

Among PaaS vendors, Oracle PaaS stands out because it offers flexible deployment either on the public (shared) cloud OR behind your firewall delivered as Cloud at Customer, which can free up options for enterprises burdened by crushing regulatory compliance mandates.

Why Do Enterprises Choose PaaS?

The most common use for PaaS today is as a development and testing platform that drives innovation and helps get products to market faster. Because it offers a preconfigured, elastic setup on demand, global development teams use PaaS to self-provision new platforms in mere minutes, which helps them get to work immediately and collaborate with ease.

Eliminating the resource provisioning delays for development and testing is pretty groundbreaking all by itself, but that’s just a single one of the many uses for PaaS. Enterprises also trust PaaS for:

  • Visibility

    All PaaS platforms work as a bridge that connects on-premises and cloud application data into an easier-to-manage visibility hub that drives analytics and offers insight into processes and trends, but only Oracle PaaS delivers a full-service bridge that seamlessly connects Oracle and non-Oracle workloads, and helps you effortlessly manage your full Oracle technology stack, including both on-premises and cloud-based solutions.

  • Risk mitigation

    From upgrade testing sandboxes to fully replicated, real-time systems that can be used as a failover in the event of a service disruption, PaaS provides enterprises with better security and resilience, and some PaaS vendors use the PaaS integration to offer comprehensive audit trails and predictive threat monitoring. However, only Oracle PaaS offers the additional security of seamless, straightforward integration with Oracle solutions, which can strengthen and streamline the entire enterprise.

  • Cost savings

    Because it’s cloud-based, PaaS offers the conveniences and cost savings that today’s agile businesses require, including scalable resource provisioning, subscription pricing that reduces CapEx, and a reduction in required in-house IT staff. Oracle PaaS takes these savings even further because when you use Oracle’s cloud platform, you can reduce costly downtime by taking advantage of Oracle’s world-class support services and experienced consultants. With these expert professionals as your single point of contact, you can eliminate multi-vendor hassles and experience quick and effective resolutions.

Is Oracle PaaS Right for My Business?

Enterprise leaders across the globe are increasingly choosing cloud solutions for their convenience, agility, cost savings, and customer experience offerings, as well as for the fact that the cloud drives innovation. For many business leaders, this powerful combination makes cloud a compelling option, which is why most enterprises already have at least one application on the cloud and many are already on their path to a full cloud setup.

In other words, most enterprises are either already running, or will soon run, an environment with some workloads on the cloud and others still on premises. Without PaaS to seamlessly bring all your on-premises and cloud-based data and processes onto a single platform that increases visibility, you may suffer from limiting data silos. Ultimately, this can lead to more work for your internal teams as they struggle to put the pieces together and make clear, confident business decisions.

If you currently run or are planning to run Oracle on-premises and cloud solutions at your business, Oracle PaaS can help you avoid the data silos that slow you down and decrease your overall agility and competitive stance. But it’s important to set up your Oracle PaaS solution properly.

As one of the leading Oracle Cloud experts in the nation with 20+ years of Oracle integration experience across the full stack, and a proven track record that includes implementing the largest Oracle PaaS / IaaS environment to date, Centroid can help you set up and manage your Oracle PaaS solution, so you can ensure that you receive the full value of an integrated, highly visible, secure PaaS that drives innovation and empowers growth at  your enterprise.


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