What Is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure & Oracle IaaS?

Over the past few years, many enterprises have been forced to watch smaller, more agile companies achieve great strides by tapping into the cost savings and flexibility that the cloud offers. Because smaller companies typically have less intensive IT needs than enterprises, they’ve been free to use cloud-based resources at will because they usually don’t require the same performance, reliability, and predictability that most enterprises do.

The little guy’s day is over.

Starting in 2019, enterprises can now take advantage of the cloud in an all-new way that meets current and future needs for speed, performance, security, agility, control, and innovation – yet still maintains the value of existing enterprise IT investments.

Meet Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

What Is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an infrastructure cloud service for enterprises that offers the highest level of control possible because it empowers enterprise users to manage deeper into the cloud stack than ever before.

Whereas typical IaaS offerings leave critical performance and governance capabilities in the cloud provider’s hands, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gives enterprises the control they need to effectively and securely manage their own virtualization, storage, networking – and even data centers.

That’s right, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is the best of both worlds: you can get local storage and servers with the reliable, blazing-fast performance and granular control your business requires, while also enjoying the elasticity, cost-savings, and flexibility of the cloud.

How Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Works

Powered by the reliable Oracle IaaS platform, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers true cloud freedom to large businesses with large IT needs.

If your business simply hasn’t yet been able to take advantage of Infrastructure-as-a-Service because you face strict data governance requirements, large blocks of sensitive data, or real-time performance needs, you may have thought you’d be stuck dealing with the limits (and costs!) of on-premises infrastructure forever. You may have also seen opportunities slip away, due to the inflexibility of your current legacy system – and you may have wondered about your company’s longevity in a cloud-driven world.

Luckily, you now have options that fit your needs.

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, enterprises can finally choose from a mix-and-match range of compute and storage options, including extreme performance bare metal servers with incredible NVMe storage, rapidly scalable elastic compute services with flexible archive storage, reserved high-performance dedicated compute services with durable data lake storage, or a fully managed cloud that’s housed on premises in your datacenter, along with a backup appliance that provides the data redundancy you need.

Don’t see your perfect solution here? With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can also personalize your compute and storage options to meet your exact needs– and you can trust that your choice will grow with you.

Find Your Perfect Oracle IaaS Solution

As you can see, the next-generation Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle IaaS offers a lot of variety. That’s because it was built to meet the specific needs of enterprises instead of small businesses, and the commonality between all enterprises include a need for raw computing power and rock-solid reliability, predictability, and security.

Instead of wasting your time searching through all the options that don’t matter to your business, or that won’t fit your business’s needs, we recommend contacting an expert who can help you navigate the vast landscape of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure possibilities to find the perfect balance between your IT requirements and your budget.

For more than 20 years, Centroid has helped enterprises identify and implement solutions from across the full stack of Oracle offerings. We’ve also led the way into the Oracle Cloud by implementing the largest Oracle IaaS/PaaS solution to date and becoming one of the first certified Oracle Cloud MSPs in the world.

You’ve already waited a long time to take advantage of cloud efficiencies and benefits, so why delay longer? As an experienced Oracle Cloud consultant with an ever-expanding number of successful Oracle Cloud Infrastructure implementations under our belts, Centroid is the right choice for enterprises that want to transition securely and successfully into an IaaS environment.

Contact Centroid to learn more about your options for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle IaaS.