What To Expect from Oracle’s Release of World’s Fastest Chip

On March 26th 2013, Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle unveiled a new Sun Microprocessor. Oracle acquired Sun in 2010 and made several changes to the company, they now claim that they surpassed their competition in microprocessor industry, and that the new chip is the fastest in the world.

This chip will now be used to run Oracle’s server, and it is expected that Oracle databases and applications will now function faster than ever. Larry Ellison also mentioned that the new ‘SPARC T5’ chip is just the first of many new changes that are in the pipeline. According to the Oracle CEO, more improvements to the chip will be introduced and new hardware accelerators will be added to the servers to make the database and applications run faster.

Some may argue that the race for building the fastest processor in the world is useless, and that technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that soon we will have a new technology that will replace processors altogether. However, the SPARC T5 with M5 servers is good news for all Oracle users, who will enjoy the speed and processing capability this processor has to offer.

This announcement is also in line with Michelle Malcher’s wish list for Oracle in 2013. Michelle Malcher is the Director of Oracle ACE, and Vice President of IOUG (Independent Oracle Users Group), and had earlier expressed hopes of “better performance” from Oracle servers. Gurus and pundits have already started predicting big changes for Oracle in the coming months, and we have compiled a list of what we can expect in 2013 based on the predictions:

1. A major upgrade to the Oracle Database
2. A smarter Oracle 12c with new features
3. MySQL solutions aimed at small businesses
4. Better security, improved coding that prevents and detects memory leakage
5. Reduced downtime for database upgrades

The new M5-32 server is ten times faster than its predecessors so most of these predictions should come true, as Oracle now has the processing capability to make drastic improvements and upgrades to its applications and databases.

We will keep you updated with the latest news from the Oracle front, for now, we can predict a bright 2013 for Oracle where they will be able to improve their market share steadily.

If you have any thoughts and opinions on the SPARC T5, make sure you leave a comment in the comments section.