What Can Oracle Cloud Database Do for Your Business? (Part 1)

One of the most coveted skills in the modern business landscape is the ability to maintain agility. Take a moment to stop and think about what agility really means in your industry. 

During that moment, one of the things that probably ran through your mind was the vast number of new disruptions that constantly interfere with your company’s growth. The job of a modern enterprise leader is to adjust quickly and seamlessly to all the different unexpected obstacles and disruptions in the marketplace

The best way to overcome these unexpected obstacles is to try to always be prepared for them and to have systems in place to deal with them – and the best way to do that… is to maintain your agility.

Here are 3 ways an Oracle Cloud Database helps your business focus on agility.

3. Oracle Cloud Database makes space for creative problem solving

Wondering how an Oracle Database can help your enterprise problem solve? You clearly haven’t heard of the Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud yet. 

Oracle’s new, self-driving, autonomous database is powered by AI and, though we’re not going to suggest that AI has advanced to a level that rivals human thought (because it hasn’t), we will show how AI can help clear space for your team to apply their superior human problem-solving abilities.

That’s right. With Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud taking over the dull, database administration tasks for you, such as updating, upgrading, patching, and tuning, you can free up your Database Administrators (DBAs) to creatively problem solve

Finally! With an autonomous database to help, your DBAs will have the time they need to support new lines of business, devise new ways to perform data analysis, and strategize to improve overall business success.

2. The Oracle Autonomous Database helps you pivot better

Disruptions, unexpected obstacles, economic surprises… they happen all the time, and they all require your company to adjust your strategy immediately, so you can overcome them and move on. 

Oracle’s self-driving autonomous database takes over the administrative process for you, which means your DBAs will be able to quickly and easily configure and provision databases in minutes. Because of this unique database capability, your enterprise can take advantage of emerging opportunities as soon as they arise. 

In years past, it could take weeks or months to provision new databases, which frustratingly delayed the kickoff for any new business pursuit. Sadly, this is even true now with some modern systems. 

However, the Oracle Cloud Database makes it possible to compress that timeline to almost nothing. Now you can come up with a new idea, provision the databases quickly, and get moving in your new direction – instantly.

That’s record-breaking agility.

What Else Can Oracle Cloud Database Do for Your Business?

Learn the #1 advantage that an Oracle Cloud Database holds for your company in Part 2 of this article.


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