What Businesses Can Benefit from Oracle IaaS & Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (Oracle IaaS) offers enterprises the highly varied compute options a large business demands, along with lightning-fast data performance and virtually unlimited storage, all available with a range of network options that handle real-time workloads and sensitive data with granular control capabilities that meet strict regulatory mandates and highly specific governance requirements.

If you’re a CIO at a large company, you probably read that last paragraph and thought, “Yeah, that’s nice, but can a cloud service really meet my organization’s needs for security, stability, performance, and reliability?After all, you’ve looked at cloud solutions before, and they all seemed geared toward smaller, less complex businesses than yours.

That’s all about to change.

Check out this week’s article to learn what Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers and find out what kinds of businesses would benefit from the all-new, next-generation Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

What Is Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

If this is your first time hearing about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or Oracle IaaS, we recommend that you check out our recent article that clearly explains what Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is and how it works. The service is an industry first in the way it can meet the needs of enterprise users, so if you’re interested in IaaS, it’s worth a read. Once you’re done with the overview, head back here to learn if OCI could be a good fit for you.

Who Can Benefit from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

In general, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, powered by the Oracle IaaS platform, is a good choice for large enterprises running a complex range of legacy systems that require the performance, predictability, and security of an on-premises infrastructure, but that want to take advantage of the cost-savings, flexibility, and efficiency of the cloud.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a good fit for:

  • Cost-conscious businesses wanting to free themselves from overbearing infrastructure expenses and IT management requirements, so they can “get out of the data center business
  • Forward-looking enterprises that want to improve efficiency and flexibility with their IT, so they can quit purchasing IT for peak needs and wasting the overage the rest of the time
  • Responsive organizations with round-the-clock, mission-critical operations that require high-performance compute capabilities and that have millions of input/output operations per second (IOPS)
  • Highly regulated businesses that need to maintain full control and visibility of their data’s whereabouts at all times
  • Tech-savvy enterprises that have already invested heavily in Docker, VMware/KVM, and other specialized IT services, and that want to get the most out of their existing IT investments while building a path to the cloud

We know, this isn’t the typical lineup you’d expect for a cloud service because usually, the cloud appeals to agile, small businesses with few data needs and little-to-no complexity. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle IaaS are different because they were built from the ground up to meet the needs of large businesses with large IT needs.

Can Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Meet Your Needs?

OCI was built to be incredibly responsive and flexible, with blazing-fast performance and data storage capabilities that can replicate complex and powerful on-premises infrastructure and networks in a cloud-based environment. The solution’s mix-and-match functionality is what makes it so useful for a large range of enterprises in many industries.

Offering everything from single-tenant, bare-metal servers to multitenant elastic compute services, from dedicated x86 servers reserved solely for your company to an entire cloud setup stored on your premises in your own data warehouse — all with incredibly fast storage and granular network controls — Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle IaaS are world-class solutions built to meet the highly exacting standards of world-class companies.

Your Business Deserves the Best

You’ve waited a long time to take advantage of the many benefits the cloud can offer, but now it’s time for you to experience the cost savings, efficiency boosts, and overall agility that your business deserves.

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