Using Exadata IORM to Achieve That Mind Blowing Performance Consistently

Centroid will be exhibiting and presenting at Collaborate 2015 in Las Vegas from April 12 – 16th. Stop by our booth, #717 on Main Street and be sure to attend our educational sessions.
Centroid’s team of experts will be available to discuss your technology needs, overall strategy to enhance your Oracle applications through leadership, user experience and integration assessments that apply to all product lines, including E-Business Suite to Engineered Systems. It’s a perfect format to receive expert insight and explore OBI, Big Data, CRM, financials, HCM and how Centroid can assist with your current and future plans for upgrades, implementing and supporting complex infrastructure, technologies and applications strategies.
In one of our upcoming sessions, Kasey Parker, Enterprise Architect will be presenting “Using Exadata IORM to Achieve That Mind Blowing Performance Consistently.”
This session will be directed primarily to Exadata Database Machine Administrators (DMAs) responsible for performance and resource management; however, it will also be beneficial to anyone interested in understanding how resource management works on Exadata.
Exadata is giving you extreme performance; however, you notice the performance is not very consistent. Response times vary depending on time of day and current workload. If anything is as bad as poor performance it’s inconsistent performance. Where do you turn? Exadata comes with the solution, IO Resource Management (IORM), but it is often overlooked unless consolidating databases.
This session covers an experience using IORM at a large Utah organization to eliminate degradation during peak and mixed workload, dramatically improving performance of their data warehouse. Included is a dive into IORM architecture, resource plans and monitoring – and how to manage mixed workloads as well as consolidate databases.
After attending the session, a DMA should be able to do the following on their Exadata environments:
  • Describe the IORM architecture
  • Understand the use cases for when to use what type of IORM and DBRM resource plans
  • Create IORM and Intra-database resource plans to consolidate databases and manage different database workloads on Exadata

To attend this session at Collaborate 2015, be sure to add it to your event agenda:

Using Exadata IORM to Achieve That Mind Blowing Performance Consistently
Presented by Kasey Parker, Enterprise Architect
Tuesday, April 14, 9:45 am – 10:45 am
Location: Banyan D – (Session ID #286)