Understanding Oracle Engineered Systems and Why They Matter

These days, growing complexity problems found in most modern enterprise data centers have resulted in a “complexity crisis,” in which data center and database costs have been spiraling out of control for years. Now, many organizations have finally reached a tipping point with their costs and they need a solution.

For these businesses, the facts are clear and stark: To maintain IT sustainability, data center costs need to change and a new solution needs to emerge. This solution will need to reduce complexity immediately and will also need to demonstrate expanded performance for years to come without causing more configuration nightmares down the road.

To solve this complexity crisis, many enterprises are turning to Oracle Engineered Systems.

What Are Oracle Engineered Systems?

Simply put, Oracle Engineered Systems are an elegant solution to the complexity problem. Going beyond the capabilities of a traditional converged system, which brings together servers, storage, networking, and systems software into a single quickly deployed, easily managed unified solution, Oracle Engineered Systems provide all the benefits of a converged system but are optimized to run Oracle workloads and applications with ultra-high efficiency.

The benefits of Oracle Engineered Systems include:

  • A single product, with a single vendor, offering defined capabilities, defined costs, and defined results.

    A typical converged system’s numerous vendors and products lead to unpredictability that can wreak havoc for mission-critical operations, but Oracle Engineered Systems offer integrated, stable processing that can’t be matched by typical converged systems.

  • Fully owned and developed components from Oracle, which means that all components have been cleanly integrated to supply the maximum in performance, with no bottlenecks or data siloes.

    This simply isn’t possible with a converged system because Oracle is the only vendor that offers a full solution in which it owns and develops all critical IP in the stack.

  • A system built to run Oracle applications and workloads, which relies on “Oracle aware” capabilities that identify and automatically optimize areas in which your systems can save on storage costs while increasing performance capabilities.

    Since Oracle Engineered Systems are unique on the market, no other vendor can claim to have the clean, optimized integration that Oracle systems naturally offer.

    In short, Oracle solutions run better, faster, and cheaper on Oracle Engineered Systems and — best of all — Oracle Engineered Systems provide all these benefits without vendor lock-in.

Why Choose Oracle Engineered Systems

In a world of digital transformation initiatives, your data center requires the ability to maintain agility while enabling fast scalability. Oracle Engineered Systems provide exactly the blend of powerful functionality and fast performance that modern enterprises need – all housed within a stable, easy-to-manage, fast-to-deploy system that’s optimized for all your Oracle workloads, even your mission-critical ones.

Get Oracle Engineered Systems Working Perfectly

As you can see, Oracle Engineered Systems offer unmatched capabilities for businesses running Oracle solutions, but to get maximum results out of such a highly tuned system, you’ll want to work with an Oracle consultant that can optimize each layer of the Oracle tech stack. That way, you can ensure that your Engineered System seamlessly meets your exact business needs.

For more than 20 years, Centroid has provided enterprises in a wide range of industries with the integrated Oracle services they need to succeed. Since that time, Centroid’s expert techs have been customizing and developing solutions across the full Oracle stack – and even into the cloud.

If your enterprise is looking to succeed with a truly integrated, future-proofed solution that will meet your mission-critical needs for years to come, Oracle Engineered Systems, implemented by Centroid, will deliver.