The Varied Uses of Oracle PaaS

When computers were first invented, they were extremely complicated. Then times changed, technology matured… and computers became more complicated. Now, finally, the needle has swung back around and technology is getting easier to use.

These days, with the widespread enterprise use of multi-cloud environments, mission-critical technology is more complex than ever. That’s why many enterprises are now taking advantage of the effortless simplification offered by Oracle PaaS.

You may know PaaS (Platform as a Service) solely as a tool for developers, but just as computing power has progressed in recent years, Oracle PaaS has also progressed far beyond its developer-focused roots.

Let’s talk about three use cases for PaaS in the modern enterprise environment.

1. The IT Team

Arguably, modern PaaS solutions may provide the largest benefit to the IT team because IT compliance tasks have ballooned as tech has increased in complexity. Savvy IT leaders in today’s threat landscape have many reasons to choose Oracle PaaS, but most select PaaS to:

  • Mitigate risk during migrations and upgrades using testing environments that replicate your full system complexity (including homegrown and third-party apps)
  • View cloud and on-premises systems at a glance with a full visibility layer and dashboard that provides faster security understanding
  • Reduce downtime in the event of a disaster with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS),which replicates your full environment in real time, costs little in storage, and provides for a seamless failover
  • Enhance security in cloud and on-premises environments with modern identity and access management (IAM) and up-to-date threat intelligence

2. The C-Suite

Enterprise leaders in the modern business landscape must be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice, so they can take advantage of emerging opportunities. That simply can’t be done with yesterday’s tools and methodologies. Oracle PaaS delivers the insight and flexibility executives need in order to:

  • Combine all analytics engines into a single source of data to gain real insight, in real time, all the time
  • Optimize IT spending with automated resource scaling that chooses the right amount of storage and compute automatically
  • Maintain agility by trying out new tech at will in a replicated testing environment that requires few resources, then integrating the solutions that work and abandoning the ones that don’t

3. DevOps

Most people don’t understand quite how much PaaS can assist global development teams. By empowering your DevOps team with a PaaS environment, you’ll free up their time from menial coding activities and give them the tools they need to focus on true continuous integration / continuous delivery (CI/CD). DevOps teams use Oracle PaaS to:

  • Take advantage of fast, global self-provisioning for multiple dev environments to speed development timelines without burdening IT
  • Work in a variety of open source languages, platforms, and frameworks, yet maintain data portability with ease
  • Utilize the latest technology in development projects, including containers and IoT

Connecting Your Entire Enterprise with Oracle PaaS

In keeping with the promise of the cloud, Oracle PaaS extends far beyond your IT, executive, and DevOps teams, helping to break down silos, increase efficiency, and drive productivity in every area of your enterprise.

Teams as diverse as Marketing, Accounting, HR, Customer Service, and Sales can tap into the power of PaaS to extend their cloud-based apps (SaaS), insight, and capabilities because PaaS makes it easy to:

  • Extend your applications using prebuilt adaptors, point-and-click visual development, and an API catalog
  • Secure information and transactions using blockchain
  • Gain true analytical insight with integration services that give you a real-time view of your full business
  • Streamline operations with embedded cutting-edge tech that delivers machine learning capabilities and natural language processing chatbots for simplified querying, and more

Get the Most Out of Oracle PaaS

Oracle is known as a leader in tech R&D and they are committed to embedding cutting-edge technology, such as machine learning, AI, and natural language processing across their enterprise cloud offerings.

In other words: Oracle isn’t slowing down on their PaaS innovation, and your enterprise can’t afford to fall behind on taking advantage of the latest tech offerings – because your competitors won’t.

Of course, your team has a business to run, which means you won’t have the time to research the never-ending flow of new PaaS technology and other Oracle solutions that can help you work harder, faster, and better.

Centroid can help.

For more than 20 years, the Oracle experts at Centroid have been helping clients select, implement, maintain, and optimize the full stack of Oracle solutions, and we’ve been pioneers in the Oracle Cloud space for years. We led the largest Oracle IaaS / PaaS implementation to date; we were one of the first Oracle Cloud MSPs on the planet; we’ve developed one of the fastest, most reliable Lift & Shift migration solutions in the Oracle ecosystem; and we’ve received recognition from Oracle as Cloud leaders numerous times.

Simply put, Centroid has one of the most accomplished teams in Oracle Cloud solutions and are the people you can trust to help guide you through the lightning-fast Oracle PaaS and Oracle Cloud developments, so you know you’re taking advantage of the best Oracle solutions for your needs, at the right time.


But first steps first. Discover more about Oracle PaaS solutions, so you can prepare for your business future.